Noticeably firmer trade for sheep at Markethill Mart

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An entry of 1,350 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 24th May returned a noticeably firmer demand for fat lambs with prices increased from £5 to £7 per head on the week.

Good quality light lambs sold to a top of 505p per kilo for 19.6 kilos at £99 each followed by 495p per kilo for 19.6 kilos at £97 each.

All good quality light lambs sold from 470p to 492p per kilo.

Heavy lambs sold to a top of £105.50 each with all heavy lambs selling from £103 to £105 each with an average of £104.80 each for all heavy lambs sold. Top rate of 438p per kilo for 24 kilos at £105 each.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £75 to £92 each.

Second quality from £50 to £70 each.

Ewes and lambs sold in an excellent demand. Good quality doubles sold from £180 to £212 each. Good quality singles sold from £140 to a top of £180 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Lislea farmer: 24k, £105, 438p; Banbridge farmer: 34k, £105, 438p; Caledon farmer: 24k, £103.50, 431p; Lisbancarney farmer: 24.5k, £105, 429p; Armagh farmer: 24.7k, £105, 425p; Armagh farmer: 24.7k, £105, 425p; Whitecross farmer: 24.7k, £104.50, 423p.

LIGHT LAMBS: Moy farmer: 19.6k, £99, 505p; Hamiltonsbawn farmer: 19.6k, £97, 494p; Banbridge farmer: 18k, £88.50, 491p; Portadown farmer: 19k, £93, 389p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 20.5k, £100, 487p; Tandragee farmer: 21k, £102, 485p; Whitecross farmer: 21.2k, £100, 471p; Milford farmer: 21.7k, £102, 470p.