Outstanding sale at Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart

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There was another outstanding sale last Friday at Richard Beattie’s Draperstown Mart.

Bullocks selling to £1,450/690kg, heifers £1,295/600kg, weanlings up to £935, suckler cows £1,365 and fat cows £1,065.60/740kg.

BULLOCKS: A Hawkes £1,450/690kg, £1,430/680kg, John McCloskey £1,435/750kg, Seamus McKenna £1,295/610kg, £1,275/600kg, £1,195/610kg, £1,170/610kg, £1,130/560kg, £1,115/530kg, £1,025/580kg, James Boyd £1,270/610kg, £1,200/600kg, Patrick Lagan £1,170/620kg, J McCloskey £1,150/630kg, Sean Mullan £1,110/480kg, £1,090/520kg, £1,085/470kg, £985/410kg, £960/420kg, £930/440kg, 3930/480kg, Patrick Lagan £1,100/530kg, £995/510kg, £980/520g, £965/510kg, Hugh and Ryan Bradley £1,050/510kg, £1,000/520kg, Samuel Allen £980/540kg, Alan Forsythe £980/500kg, £975/470kg, £955/500kg, £930/490kg, £925/480kg, £890/440kg, £890/460kg, £880/430kg, £870/420kg, £855/400kg, £830/400kg, £830/420kg, £820/390kg, £800/410kg, James Boyd £940/550kg, Patrick Lagan £925/490kg, Sean Mullan £915/430kg, £910/460kg, £900/490kg, £900/450kg.

HEIFERS: Dominic Moore £1,295/600kg, £1,190/580kg, £1,080/560kg, Dominic Rafferty £990/470kg, £870/470kg, Hugh and Ryan Bradley £920/480kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Michael McCullagh £935/450kg, £935/400kg, £890/370kg, £880/370kg, Sean McShane £915/390kg, £800/370kg, Martin Daly £910/470kg, James O’Hagan £865/400kg, G Bradley £860/330kg, Alan Clarke £850/440kg, £825/400kg, £790/350kg, £760/380kg, £700/340kg, Michael McCullagh £775/320kg, Martin Daly £775/380kg, A Craig £750/280kg, G Bradley £740/260kg, £700/290kg, £655/330kg, Martin Daly £730/330kg, Andrew O’Kane £685/310kg, Cathair McElhinney £640/280kg, A Craig £625/270kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Blakiston Houston Estate £815/410kg, James O’Hagan £775/410kg, A Craig £720/360kg, Seamus Kane £720/350kg, Patrick Fox £635/300kg, £630/260kg, £615/250kg, £600/260kg, £585/260kg, Blakiston Houston Estate £630/320kg, £575/360kg, £575/360kg, £565/290kg, £550/270kg, A Craig £580/300kg, P Mullan £570/330kg, Patrick Fox £530/180kg, £500/220kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Peter Morris £1,365, £1,350, £1,340, £1,320, £1,310, £1,280, £1,260, £1,190, £1,180, £1,175, £1,115, £1,100, Omagh farmer £1,350, £1,300, £1,265, £1,190, £1,075, £970, £950, £950.

FAT COWS: R and C Patrick £1,065.60/740kg, Noel Bayne £974.40/580kg, C Miller £964.30/480kg, £954.20/480kg, C McCloskey £835.10/630kg, C Daly £830/530kg, David Hutchinson £804/600kg, G Clarke £842.40/540kg, £729.30/510kg, Dermot Nugent £684.40/590kg.