Outstanding trade for cattle at Pomeroy, bullocks selling to £895

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Another outstanding trade on Thursday sold to a packed ringside.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Danny McAler £895/390kg, Gerald Haughey £855/350kg, Leo Harte £825, Timothy Reid £815/380kg, Gerald Haughey £800/400kg, Danny McAleer £790/420kg, Gerald Haughey £760/390kg, Timothy Reid £760/360kg, G Haughey £735/350kg, £710/380kg, £610/300kg, £600/290kg, Alan Roulston £700/320kg, £700/330kg, £760/330kg, £630/320kg, Nathan Harvey £680/330kg, Danny McAleer £675/340kg.

HEIFERS: A Mullan £1390, Gortavoy Farms £1070, Christopher Rafferty £960£900, Patrick and Gerard Campbell £865, John Gillespie £780/280kg, James Walsh £760/410kg, John Gillespie £735/320kg, £690/280kg, S Bradley £735/400kg,£700/370KG, £700/320KG, £700/340kg, Danny McAleer £730/400kg, Francis Lagan £685/300kg, Gerard Haughey £675/340kg, Alan Roulston £670/300kg, John Gillespie £670/70kg, £640/320kg, S Bradley £640/kg, Patrick and Gerard Campbell £620/220, Edward Ferry £610/290kg, John Gillespie £600/330kg.