Outstanding trade for cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Mart
Rathfriland Mart

There was an outstanding trade for cattle on Friday (October 12th).

The bullock section contained many continental lots selling to 230 pence per kilo.

This was obtained for a 456k Limousin at £1,050 for a Banbridge farmer.

Lighter bullocks sold to 244p/k for a 328k Limousin from Downpatrick at £800.

A big entry of weanlings cleared up to £1,040 for a 540k Simmental from Dromara.

An Edenagarry farmer sold 26 Charolais males and females to 267p/k for a 296k Charolais at £790.

A 376k lot from the same farm sold at £950.

Some great heifers cleared up to £1,115 for a 590k Hereford from Ballyward.

A top of 244p/k was paid for a 328k Limousin at £800.

Fat cows sold to £980 for a 788k Montbeliarder from Tullyglush.

Suckler stock to £1,100 for a Simmental cow and calf from Dromara.

The usual good entry of dropped calves sold to £450 for an Aberdeen Angus heifer from Newtownhamilton.

Bull calves to £355 for a Fleckvieh from Ringsend.


Newtownhamilton farmer: Aberdeen Angus heifer £450. Ringsend farmer: Fleckvieh bull £355. Ballyward farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £310, £305 and £300. Dromara farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £310. Banbridge farmer: Belgian Blue bull £290. Cranfield farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £280 and Aberdeen Angus heifer £205. Annalong farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £280. Fedney farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £280. Dollysbrae farmer: Galloway bull £270. Dromara farmer: Limousin heifers £240 and £210.


Dromara farmer: 540k at £1,040. Edenagarry farmer: 26 Charolais males and females, 376k at £950, 416k at £950, 404k at £940, 338k at £860, 358k at £845, 312k at £825, 354k at £815, 342k at £800, 366k at £750, 342k at £720, 326k at £670, 332k at £660, 296k at £650. Tandragee farmer: 418k at £885. Legananny farmer: 368k at £700, 344k at £680. Ballynafern farmer: 332k at £660, 316k at £690.


Ballyward farmer: 596k at £1,115, 598k at £1,105, 586k at £1,045, 544k at £1,005, 540k at £980, 518k at £975, 925k at £970, 520k at £960. Crossgar farmer: 328k at £800, 380k at £815, 404k at £850, 358k at £800, 370k at £740, 354k at £710. Dromore farmer: 490k at £860, 378k at £800. Silverbridge farmer: 206k at £475, 194k at £465, 206k at £460.


Tullyglush farmer: 788k at £985. Hillsborough farmer: 722k at £950. Newry farmer: 726k at £905. Killowen farmer: 706k at £800. Newry farmer: 624k at £780 and 666k at £770. Ballyveamore farmer: 618k at £720. Attical farmer: 540k at £640, 552k at £550.

Suckler cows to £1,100 and £1065 etc.


Ballyward farmer: 580k at £1,140, 548k at £1,080, 560k at £1,075, 514k at £1,050, 566k at £1,050, 530k at £1,000. Hillsborough farmer: 582k at £1,100, 550k at £1,040, 500k at £975, 448k at £965. Banbridge farmer: 490k at £1,100, 490k at £1,060, 546k at £1,050, 472k at £1,050, 456k at £1,050, 460k at £960, 520k at £980 etc. Ballymartin farmer: 506k at £1,055, 534k at £1,040, 458k at £940. Ballynafern farmer: 690k at £1,100 and 662k at £1,000 etc.

At the suckler sale on Monday evening, 263.4p/k was recorder twice for a 224p/k Shorthorn from Kilcoo at £590 and a 300k Limousin from Co Armagh at £790. Ballyward farmer: 288k Limousin at £705 or 245p/k. Co Armagh farmer: 5 Charolais males, 356k at £850, 358k at £850, 284k at £670 and 312k at £730. Rathfriland farmer: 344k at £800 and 386k at £885. Weanling bull calves to £1,085 and £1,045 twice from Kilkeel.

A feature at Tuesday evening’s sheep sale was the price paid for store lambs. The entire entry of light lambs ie lambs weighing 18k and under averaged 390p/k eg, 17k at £70, 16.5k at £68, 16k at £65 etc.

Heavy lambs sold to £84 from Downpatrick with the top 10 lots from £81 up.

Fat ewes sold to £79 and breeding rams to £150.


Ballyroney farmer: 17k at £70. Rathfriland farmer: 16.7k at £68. Emdale farmer: 16k at £65. Rathfriland farmer: 15.4k at £62. Rostrevor farmer: 16.9k at £68. Dromara farmer: 17k at £68.50. Ribadoo farmer: 18.2k at £70. Ballyward farmer: 18k at £71 and 18.5k at £71. Slievenaboley farmer: 18.5k at £71. Downpatrick farmer: 31k at £84. Katesbridge farmer: 27.5k at £83.50. Tullyglush farmer: 26.7k at £83. Ballywillwill farmer: 26.3k at £83. Ballynahinch farmer: 26k at £82. Shinn farmer: 25.7k at £82 and 24.7k at £80.50.


Donaghcloney farmer: £79. Mullaghdrin farmer: £70. Poyntzpass farmer: £79. Kilcoo farmer: £70. Katesbridge farmer: £70. Kilkeel farmer: £70.