Packed yard at Rathfriland Co-Op, heifers to £1,300

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Last Friday’s cattle sale was one of the largest this autumn with 79 farmers selling stock from counties Armagh, Antrim and Down.

Weanling calf numbers rose to 177 head.

Good quality lots sold to 287p/k for 232k Limousin male at £665 from Ringclare, Newry.

A Saintfield farmer reached 276p/k for 272k Limousin male at £750, 268k at £725 or 270p/k and 210k at £560 or 267p/k.

A Kilkeel farmer topped the weanlings at £885 for a seven month old, 400k Charolais.

50 heifers cleared up to £1,300 for a 720k lot from Shinn with 612k from the same farm at £1,140.

The largest entry of cows this autumn saw a Craigavon farmer sell a Limousin cow and calf at £1530 and a Stabiliser cow and bull calf at £1,110.

10 springers sold to £800.

Fat cows sold to £900 for 624k Limousin from Dromore and 594k from Magherahamlet.

A top price of 212p/k was paid for 518k Belgian Blue at £1,100 from the same farm and 510k Limousin at £1,060 or 209p/k.

Well over 100 dropped calves sold to £450 twice for 2 Limousin bulls from Ballykilbeg with heifer calves to £400 from the same farm.


Ballykilbeg farmer: £450, £450, £410, £400, £400, £350, £345, £330. Clontifleece farmer: £350. Brague farmer: £340, £330, £330, £305. Seafin farmer: £320. Begney farmer: £245. Kilkeel farmer: £260, £230 and £200. Cahard farmer: £260 and £200. Warrenpoint farmer: £250, £240 and £235. Ballyward farmer: £260 and £250. Cullyhanna farmer: £270 and £250.


Ringclare farmer: 232k at £665 or 286.6p/k, 206k at £460 or 269p/k, 326k at £830 or 255p/k, 326k at £785 or 241p/k. Saintfield farmer: 272k at £750 or 276p/k, 268k at £725 or 270.5p/k, 210k at £560 or 267p/k, 226k at £600 or 265.5p/k, 254k at £610 or 240p/k. Castlewellan farmer: 278k at £700 or 252p/k. Attical farmer: 286k at £700. Co Antrim farmer: 278k at £640, 360k at £810, 320k at £690. Rathfriland farmer: 338k at £820, 288k at £680. Banbridge farmer: 338k at £860, 286k at £685 and 348k at £800.


Shinn farmer: 720k at £1,300, 612k at £1,140. Crieve farmer: 510k at £945. Ballymartin farmer: 484k at £905, 480k at £905. Ballenay farmer: 458k at £830, 412k at £805, 328k at £550, 360k at £600. Newry farmer: 500k at £850, 456k at £755.


Armagh farmer: £1,530 and £1,110. A batch of 10 springers sold to £800.


Lisburn farmer: 640k at £900, 700k at £750. Dromore farmer: 634k at £900. Rathfriland farmer: 600k at £780. Newry farmer: 660k at £660. Annalong farmer: 560k at £640.


Magherahamlet farmer: 594k at £1,140, 636k at £1,135, 518k at £1,100. Katesbridge farmer: 548k at £1,125. Armagh farmer: 528k at £920, 498k at £900, 430k at £660, 456k at £830. Annaclone farmer: 508k at £990, 494k at £900, 544k at £955. Derrycraw farmer: 604k at £1,070, 550k at £985, 510k at £970, 550k at £970, 526k at £850, 470k at £800. Ballymartin farmer: 596k at £1100, 540k at £1,060. Jerrettspass farmer: 428k at £820, 420k at £770.

Around 1,000 sheep on Tuesday evening were a better trade all round.

Store lambs easily cleared up to 414p/k for a 14.5k lot from Castlewellan.

40 lambs 18k from Armagh sold at £73 or 406p/k. 18k from Castlewellan sold at £71 or 394.4p/k.

Medium weight sold to 386p/k for 17.6k at £68 from Dromara.

Farmers from Downpatrick, Kilcoo and Kilkeel all sold lambs at £90. A Ballygowan farmer sold 25k at £89. Kilkeel farmer: 26.5k at £89. Castlewellan farmer: 29k at £89. Dundrum farmer: 21.5k at £79.50. Annaclone farmer: 22k at £81.50. Hillsborough farmer: 23k at £82.50.


Loughbrickland farmer: £86. Ballyveamore farmer: £82. Newcastle farmer: £81. Greencastle farmer: £80. Dromara farmer: £80. Ballyward farmer: £80.