Pomeroy: Bullocks sells to £1090 for 550kg

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A great show of stock sold to a firm trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Dermott McAleer £1090/550kg, £955/510kg, £950/450kg, Martin Corrigan £970/460kg, D Jefferson £870/270kg, Brian Clarke £810/370kg, Francis Corrigan £750/300kg, £700/290kg, £690/280kg, £630/330kg, Martin Corrigan £615/370kg, Ryan Hughes £605/330kg, £600/310kg, £600/330kg, Francis Corrigan £600/240kg, Aubrey Hawkes £585/410kg, £550/370kg, Michael Haughey £500/220kg, £500/260kg.

HEIFERS: Kevin Donnelly £1055, Francis OHagan £1030/450kg, £965/420kg, £935/390kg, £835/380kg, Barry Higgins £900/460kg, Brian Clarke £850/440kg, D Jefferson £800/290kg, £680/280kg, Kevin Donney £750/500kg, Ryan Hughes £670/360kg, £660/370kg, £625/370kg, Francis Corrigan £590/280kg, Kevin Donnelly £570/260kg, D Jefferson £500/250kg.