Pomeroy Mart: Bullocks sell to £990 for 500kg

A large show of cattle on Thursday with a strong trade throughout.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 4:00 pm

Prices as follows:


Alastair Brown £990/500kg, £970/490kg, £940/470kg, £900/500kg, Annie and Laurence £950/470kg, Peter Donnelly £840/360kg, £815/360kg, Alan Roulston £830/380kg, £820/440kg, £800/410kg, Dominic Small £820/350kg, Damien Strain £800/360kg, Eugene and Conor £790/350kg, Michael Conway £790/380kg, Michael Mimnagh £775/400kg, Brian O’Donnell £770/340kg, Peter Gillespie £770/350kg, Matthew Tracey £760/340kg, George McLaren £760/320kg, Matthew Tracey £750/290kg, Peter Donnelly £750/370kg, P and M Rafferty £750/320kg, Brian O’Donnell £740/310kg and Dominic Small £740/340kg.


Patrick McKernan £910/440kg, £900/430kg, Annie and Laurence Mullan £900/450kg, Dominic Small £890/410kg, £880/420kg, Altmore Farms £890/500kg, Michael Conway £885/460kg, D and J McGurk £845/460kg, George McLaren £820/430kg, Johnathon Cooke £810/400kg, L and M Farms £775/350kg, £770/390kg, Rose Quinn £770/370kg, E and C Baxter £680/340kg, Liam Nugent £670/280kg, Eugene and Conor Baxter £655/320kg, Christopher Meenan £650/310kg and Peter Gillespie £640/300kg, £610/270kg.