Pomeroy Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,200 for 640kg

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A full yard of stock selling to great demand.

Bullocks sold to £1,200 for 640kg and heifers sold to £1,105 for 630kg.


Francis McCullagh £1,200/640kg, Sean Kelly £1,055/550kg, £975/480kg, Ciaran Donnelly £880/350kg, Sean Kelly £875/440kg, Patrick Coyle £855/380kg, Patrick Donnelly £845/410kg, John McAleer £830/440kg, Margaret McVeigh £830/390kg, Sean Kelly £820/440kg, Patrick Coyle £805/370kg, James Kelly £800/380kg, Stephen McGurk £800/320kg, John McAleer £790/440kg, Sean Kelly £785/460kg, Patrick Coyle £770/340kg, John McAleer £765/420kg, £760/410kg, £755/440kg, Ciaran Donnelly £755/330kg, Rodney Wilson £750/300kg, Pearse and Matthew Rafferty £750/330kg, Rodney Wilson £740/310kg, Ciaran Donnelly £735/340kg, James Nugent £735/360kg, £725/310kg, Patrick Coyle £730/370kg, Stephen McGurk £715/280kg, Patrick Coyle £710/350kg and Ciaran Donnelly £705/270kg.


Francis McCullagh £1,105/630kg, Rose Keenan £950/480kg, £950/450kg, £950/410kg, £930/410kg, Teresa Daly £890/410kg, Rose Keenan £845/450kg, £825/440kg, £760/450kg, Teresa Daly £745/360kg, James Kelly £745/360kg, Stephen McGurk £735/390kg, Teresa Daly £730/400kg, £700/330kg, Charles Mitchell £690/300kg, £670/280kg, Marius Mitchell £665/360kg and Pearse and Matthew Rafferty £615/260kg, £600/280kg, £595/320kg, £595/250kg.