Pomeroy Mart: Bullocks sell to £980

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A firm trade on Thursday as cattle sold to a packed ringside.

Prices as follows:


Seamus Brannigan £980/490kg, £940/470kg, Seamus Nugent £900/390kg, £875/470kg,£870/440kg, £840/400kg, Stephen Cuddy £875/470kg, Peter Donnelly £870/400kg, Cyril Montgomery £845/440kg, Stephen Cuddy £830/440kg, Thomas Muldoon £820/420kg, £795/400g, £710/390kg, Seamus Montgomery £810/450kg, £780/410kg, £770/490kg, £770/430kg, £755/420kg, Peter Donnelly £780/400kg, £770/370kg, £755/420kg, £660/320kg and Darren McLaren £625/270kg.


Kevin McAleer £960/420kg, £920/440kg, Thomas Muldoon £955/490kg, Liam Nugent £920/420kg, Peter Donnelly £890/430kg, £860/400kg, £790/390kg, £790/400kg, Seamus Nugent £840/380kg, Peter Donnelly £775/390kg, D McLaren £775/470kg, £750/420kg, £685/420kg, £670/310kg, £590/400kg, £590/370kg, £530/420kg, Kevin McAleer £760/400kg, Sean Donnelly £475/290kg and Peter Francis Donnelly £745/360kg.