Pomeroy Mart: Cattle sell to great demand

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Cattle sold to great demand with more stock need.

Prices as follows


Conor and Peter Daly £955/490kg, £945/440kg, £880/510kg, £860/430kg, £850/430kg, £825/400kg, £800/380kg, £750/330kg, N and G Mullan £855/350kg, Philip Donaghy £765/340kg, £750/340kg, £690/290kg, Frank Corr £750/310kg, James Kelly £750/290kg, £700/350kg, Patrick O’Neill £680/470kg and Frank Corr £600/280kg.


Barry Hutton £905/480kg, Leo Harte £900/380kg, Philip Donaghy £860/400kg, N and G Mullan £820/340kg, £765/310kg, £760/300kg, £750/300kg, Micahael Fox £725/330kg, £690/340kg, £670/320kg, £660/330kg, T Donnelly £695/380kg and Colm Hughes £650/260kg.