Quality calves sell to a top price of £920 at Downpatrick Mart

At the suckled calf sale on the night of Friday, October 4 there was a strong demand for quality calves which saw a top price of £920 and as far as £3.04 per kilo.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 11:45 am
Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

Leading prices as follows.


Saintfield farmer 442kg Limousin £920 (2.08 ppk), 406kg Limousin £910 (2.24ppk),400kg Limousin £865 (2.16ppk), 386kg Limousin £850 (2.20ppk), 388kg Limousin £850 (2.19ppk), 358kg Limousin £840 (2.34ppk), 350kg Limousin £810 (2.31ppk),352kg Limousin £800 (2.27ppk), 340kg Limousin £800 (2.35ppk) and 366kg Limousin £800 (2.18ppk). Clough farmer 390kg Charolais £915 (2.34ppk),386kg Charolais £890 (2.30ppk) and 360kg Charolais £840 (2.33ppk), Downpatrick farmer 474kg Charolais £910 (1.91ppk) and 486kg Charolais £910 (1.87ppk).Downpatrick farmer 426kg Limousin £870 (2.04ppk) and 420kg Limousin £835 (1.98ppk).Erenagh farmer 436kg Limousin £855 (1.96ppk), 450kg Aberdeen Angus £820 (1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 432kg Limousin £850 (1.96ppk) and 402kg Limousin £850 (2.11ppk), Downpatrick farmer 430kg Limousin £850 (1.97ppk),Newcastle farmer 406kg Limousin £850 (2.09ppk), Annacloy farmer 376kg Limousin £850 (2.26ppk), Ballyward farmer 324kg Limousin £845 (2.60ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 304kg Charolais £830 (2.73ppk) and 286kg Charolais £735 (2.57ppk), Ballydugan farmer 298kg Charolais £820 (2.75ppk), 256kg Charolais £780 (3.04ppk), 266kg Charolais £755 (2.84ppk), 274kg Charolais £755 (2.76ppk), 260kg Charolais £745 (2.87ppk), 254kg Charolais £720 (2.84ppk) and 248kg Charolais £700 (2.82ppk), Ballygallum farmer 370kg Charolais £815 (2.20ppk), Downpatrick farmer 344kg Limousin £800 (2.33ppk), Downpatrick farmer 336kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £795 (2.37ppk), Ballygallum farmer 372kg Charolais £790 (2.12ppk), Castlewellan farmer 394kg Charolais £790 (2.00ppk), Vianstown farmer 350kg Limousin £790 (2.25ppk), Clough farmer 306kg Charolais £790 (2.58ppk), Comber farmer 388kg Limousin £780 (2.01ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 270kg Limousin £740 (2.74ppk).


Downpatrick farmer 498kg Charolais £900 (1.80ppk), Downpatrick farmer 490kg Charolais £845 (1.73ppk), Ballydugan farmer 228kg Charolais £645 (2.83ppk), 226kg Charolais £635 (2.81ppk), 256kg Charolais £670 (2.62ppk), 258kg Charolais £665 (2.58ppk) and 226kg Charolais £560 (2.48ppk), Annacloy farmer 292kg Charolais £700 (2.40ppk), Castlewellan farmer 296kg Limousin £710 (2.37ppk), Downpatrick farmer 290kg Limousin £685 (2.36ppk), Annacloy farmer 276kg Limousin £650 (2.36ppk)and 284kg Limousin £650 (2.30ppk), Ardglass farmer 248kg Limousin £570 (2.30ppk), Downpatrick farmer290kg Limousin £660 (2.28ppk), Ardglass farmer 304kg Limousin £690 (2.27ppk), Clough farmer 280kg Charolais £635 (2.27ppk) and 280kg Charolais £635 (2.27ppk), Ballyward farmer 314kg Limousin £700 (2.23ppk) and Saintfield farmer 306kg Charolais £680 (2.22ppk).