Raphoe Mart: Steady trade for all stock on offer

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A good entry of sheep on Monday, June 25th at Raphoe Mart with a steady trade for all stock on offer.

Spring lambs sold at:

€75 to €80 for 28-32kgs;

€80 to €90 for 32-36kgs;

€90 to €100 for 36-39kgs;

€100 to €110 for 39-42kgs;

€110 to €118 for 42-46kgs;

€118 to €125 for 46-50kgs;

€125 to €132 for 50-55kgs.

Fat ewes sold from €70 to €140.

Cattle sale on Thursday, June 28th 2018: Top class bulls over 600 kgs - €610 to €990 over.

Beef heifers - €500 to €745 over.

Store heifers - €350 to €700 over.

Dry cows - €720 to €1,275 each.

A decent entry of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday, June 28th.

With extra grass growth and good weather buyers were anxious to purchase stock.

Quality stock as always most sought after, selling up to and over €3.00/kg.

Bulls/bullocks sold from €2.00/kg to €3.00/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.10/kg to €2.80/kg.

Dry cows sold from €720/head to €1,275/head.

Regular sales

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.