Raphoe Mart: Store lambs sell from €50 to €100 over

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At the sheep sale Monday 30th April 2018 at Raphoe store lambs sold from €50 to €100 over.

Factory lambs sold from €77 to €108 over.

Butcher lambs sold from €72 to €109 over.

Dry ewes sold from €70 to €148 each.

Ewes with one lamb sold from €140 to €222.

Ewes with two lambs sold from €200 to €275.

Another good entry of sheep at Raphoe Mart.on Monday with ewes and lambs continuing to.be in demand.

Trade was sharp for all stock on offer.

Spring lambs sold from €90 to €110 over with a top price of €161/head

Hoggets sold from €80 to €102 over with a top price of €160/head

Cattle sale Thursday 3rd May 2018: Top class bulls over 600kgs - €580 to €950 over.

Beef bullocks - €690 to €890 over.

Store bullocks - €365 to €880 over.

Beef heifers - €490 to €795 over.

Store heifers - €340 to €740 over.

Dry cows - €750 to €1595 each.

Another great entry of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday.

Trade remains sharp despite adverse weather with farmers, agents and shippers all anxious to purchase stock.

Aberdeen Angus and Friesian types were up on previous weeks and quality cattle remain at top prices.

Bullocks sold from €2.20/kg to €2.80/kg.

Bulls sold from €2.10/kg to €3.10/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.20/kg to €2.90/kg.

Fat cows sold from €750/head to €1595/head.

Regular sales

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.