Record prices for cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

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There was a great trade for all classes of cattle on Friday at Rathfriland Co-Op.

The 136 weanlings topped at 282p/k for a Lim heifer 266p/k at £750.

This pen of Lim heifers averaged 236p/k.

A Dromore farmer reached 275p/k for 160k at £440.

A Kinallen farmer reached 265p/k for 298k at £790 and averaged 240p/k for six Simmentals.

A larger entry of bullocks cleared up to £1,290 for 690k Sim from Ballyward.

A pen of Herefords from Dromore sold to £1,280 for 630k.

Store heifers cleared up to £1,160.

Breeding bulls sold to £1,540 for a pedigree Hereford from Dromara.

A Lim bull from a second Dromara farmer sold at £1,155.

A larger entry of fat cows sold to £970 for a 770k Lim from Dromara with a pen of springing heifers to a top of £1,000 from Katesbridge.

In the dropped calf section, a top of £345 was paid for a Sim bull calf from Ballyholland. Lim bulls sold to £330 with Fcks reaching £315.

DROPPED CALVES: Ballyholland farmer: 3 bulls, £345, £310 and £270. Katesbridge farmer: Lim bulls £330 and £300. Dromara farmer: Fck £315. Creevy farmer: BB bull £290. Warrenpoint farmer: pen of European Angus, £280, £280 for bulls and heifers £250, £240, £230, £220 and £210. Strong Friesian bull calves to £210.

WEANLINGS: Ballinaskeagh farmer: 438k at £1,005 and 440k at £925. Leitrim farmer: 466k at £990, 474k at £980, 434k at £890, 410k at £850, 404k at £840. Glenavy farmer: 364k at £785, 360k at £720. Kinallen farmer: 396k at £980, 474k at £930, 436k at £900, 400k at £890, 340k at £890. Hillsborough farmer: 160k at £440, 276k at £620. Banbridge farmer: 266k at £750, 258k at £625, 326k at £735, 274k at £640, 318k at £700, 324k at £760. Newry farmer: 352k at £835, 348k at £825 and 298k at £665.

HEIFERS: Sheepbridge farmer: 410k at £820, 518k at £925, 544k at £990. Loughbrickland farmer: 470k at £885, 550k at £975, 450k at £840. Kilkeel farmer: 616k at £1,160 and 586k at £1,100.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS AND BULLS: A pedigree Hereford bull from Dromara sold at £1,540 with a Lim bull from a second Dromara farmer at £1,155. Springing heifers sold to £1,000 from Tanvalley. Fat cows sold to £970 for 770k and 152p/k for 564k at £860. Others included 686k at £900, 690k at £790 etc.

BULLOCKS: Kilkeel farmer: 520k at £1,095. Cullion farmer: 490k at £1,020, 420k at £815. Sheepbridge farmer: 470k at £995, 510k at £1,000, 490k at £880. Loughbrickland farmer: 350k at £735. Dromore farmer: 630k at £1,280. Dromara farmer: 690k at £1,290. Newry farmer: 304k at £665, 286k at £595, 284k at £575.

A larger entry of sheep in all categories on Tuesday eveing sold in a consistent trade. 265 spring lambs sold to £101 for a Drumarkin farmer followed by £100 for three pens from Donaghmore, Millisle and Newry farmers.

Choice 21k-22k lots sold around £98 and 476p/k.

The hogget section was dominated by very heavy lots eg, Rathfriland farmer: 31k at £94. Kilkeel farmer: 30.5k at £92. Cabra farmer: 26.8k at £92. Ardglass farmer: 3 lots 30k at £91.50, 30k at £91 and 27k at £90.50. There were batches of heavy hoggets up to 40k.

FAT EWES: Drumarkin farmer: £118. Kilkeel farmer: £112. Katesbridge farmer: £107. Castlewellan farmer: £106, £104 and £100. Newcastle farmer: £104. Ballyward farmer: £104. Banbridge farmer: £104. Mayobridge farmer: £100. Turnavalle farmer: £99. Dromara farmer: £99.

BREEDERS: An excellent trade for breeders with a top of £210. Other lots at £198, £198, £195, £192, £190, £180. Ewes with singles sold to £165. This was the best trade for breeders to date.