Saintfield Mart: Fat cows selling to a top of £982 for 840kg

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A snowy morning resulted in fair show of cattle at Wednesday’s sale with good trade in all sections.

FAT COWS: Sold to a top of £982 for 840kg Belgian Blue £117.

Leading prices: Saintfield producer Belgian Blue 840kg, £117 £982, Charolais 700kg, £100 £700, Comber producer Holstein 690kg, £130, £897, Lisburn producer Swedish Red 780kg, £108, £842 and Castlewellan producer Aberdeen Angus 690kg £106 £731, Downpatrick producer Hereford 670kg, £101, £676.

HEIFERS: Sold to a top of £990 for 480kg Charolais.

Leading prices: Downpatrick producer Charolais 4801kg, £990, 460kg, £970, Limousin 460kg, £945, 430kg, £915, 420kg, £895, 420kg, £870, 430kg, £870, Saintfield producer Limousins 470kg, £945, 560kg, £920, Ballynahinch producer Aberdeen Angus 460kg, £825, Belgian Blue 360kg, £650 and Cloughey producer Limousin 290kg, £605.

BULLOCKS Sold to a top of £1,055 for 580kg Hereford.

Leading prices: Kircubbin producer Herefords 580kg, £1,055, 590kg, £1,040, 550kg, £985, Belgian Blue 560kg, £1,000, Montbelairde 600kg, £950, Limousin 550kg, £900, Ballynahinch producer Aberdeen Angus 430kg, £960, Limousin 400kg, £875, Saintfield producer Limousin 450kg, £930, Downpatrick producer Limousin 520kg, £910, Simmental 400kg, £870, Ballygowan producer Limousin 360kg, £860 and Killyleagh producer Aberdeen Angus 360kg, £850.

DROPPED CALVES: Sold to a top of £300 for Simmental bull calf and £275 for Simmental heifer calf.

WEANLINGS: Sold to a top of £600 for Charolais heifer.

SUCKLED CALVES: Sold to a top of £840 for Aberdeen Angus bull and £800 for Aberdeen Angus heifer.