Shorthorn steer sells for £1,420 at Armoy Mart

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Another fine turnout of 155 head last Monday night met with an excellent trade selling to a top price of £1,420 paid to Mr Wm Browne, Bushmills for a Shorthorn steer.

Heifers peaked at £1,260 paid to Mr P J Dougan, Coleraine for a 580kgs Lim heifers. Fat cows were a great trade selling to atop of £1,060 for a 770kgs Simmental cow weighing 770kgs.


STEERS: Wm Browne, Bushmills, S/H, 790kgs, £1,420, 740kgs, £1,360. Robt Crawford, Glarryford, H/F, 605kgs, £1,110. Jas Chestnutt, Bushmills, A/A, 450kgs £900, 480kgs, £900, 460kgs, £815. Andrew Rea, Char, 280kgs, £620, 300kgs, £750. Ken Montgomery, Liscolman, Friesians, 620kgs, £1,065, 680kgs, £1,125, 615kgs, £1,050, 590kgs, £1,000. Samuel Dobbin, Bushmills, H/F, 450kgs, £790, 560kgs, £950. T Mitchell, Ballymoney, S/H, 450kgs, £750. D Walsh, Londonderry, Friesian, 460kgs, £695. Jas Chestnutt, Bushmills, Friesians, 470kgs, £830, 500kgs, £785, 560kgs, £865, 520kgs, £815, 500kgs, £790. M M Kelly, Ballycastle, Char, 450kgs, £860. K Montgomery, Liscolman, Fres, 700kgs, £1,035. W J McMullan, Ballycastle, Lim, 280kgs, £600, 240kgs, £570.

HEIFERS: P J Dougan, Coleraine, Lim, 580kgs, £1,260. B McNicholl, Limavady, Lim, 540kgs, £1,140, 560kgs, £1,045, 500kgs, £1,105. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, Lim, 630kgs, £1,260, 550kgs, £1,095. P J Dougan, Coleraine, Lim, 545kgs, £1,140. B Bailey, Ballycastle, Lim 500kgs, £990. Norman Dunlop, Bushmills, A/A, 400kgs, £765. Sam Dobbin, Bushmills, H/F, 450kgs, £820, 430kgs, £735, 410kgs, £760. Robt Crawford, Glarryford, B/B, 505kgs, £990. B McNicholl, Limavady, Lim, 450kgs, £890, 450kgs, £840. Jas Chestnutt, Bushmills, A/A, 440kgs, £830, 470kgs, £900, 390kgs, £730. Andrea Rea, Char, 320kgs, £580, 370kgs, £680, 390kgs, £740, 310kgs, £620, 320kgs, £670. Arthur Devlin, Ballycastle, Lim, 430kgs, £780, 400kgs, £730.

FAT COWS (33): Robt McHenry, Ballycastle, Lim, 700kgs, £970, 620kgs, £800. Wm Browne, Bushmills, Sim, 770kgs, £1,060, 630kgs, £835. Sam McMinnon, Ballycastle, A/A, 700kgs, £880. John Woodside, Ballycastle, Lim 425kgs, £675. Chas McAlister, Cushendall, A/A, 800kgs, £820. Gavin Chestnutt, Ballymoney, A/A, 920kgs, £1,020. Uel Ramage, Bushmills, S/H, 600kgs, £650. D Gillan, Garvagh, Lim, 790kgs, £900, 605kgs, £820, 770kgs, £970, 700kgs, £840. Bushmills farmer, Lim, 550kgs, £685, 570kgs, £745. Antrim Producer, Her, 500kgs, £640, 505kgs, £640, 510kgs, £580. M and J Carson, Clough, Friesian, 680kgs, £670.

Cows and calves sold to £1,200 paid for a Lim cow with bull calf at foot from Mr R McGinley, Ballymoney.

Sale every Monday night.