Steady trade for all types of cattle at Enniskillen Mart

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At Thursday’s cattle sales in Enniskillen Mart there was a steady trade was reported in all six rings.

In the bullock ring light weight bullocks sold from 220 to 302p for a Charolais 294kg at £890.

Medium weights sold from 200 to 252p for a Charolais 428kg at £1,080.

Heavy lots sold from 190 to 228ppk for a Charolais 576kg at £1,315 and selling up to £1,540 per head.


Fivemiletown producer Charolais 360kg at £980, Charolais 348kg at £900, Charolais 384kg at £980, Garvary producer Charolais 416kg at £1,025, Fivemiletown producer Blonde 404kg at £990, Lisnaskea producer Blonde 454kg at £1,115, Rosslea producer Charolais 432kg at £1,050, Charolais 462kg at £1,110, Charolais 506kg at £1,120, Clogher producer Charolais 400kg at £970, Dungannon producer Charolais 508kg at £1,205, Newtownbutler producer Limousin 506kg at £1,145.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £955 paid for a 361kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £480 to £785 for a 328kg Charolais.

Ruling prices:

Enniskillen producer 213kg Charolais bull at £650, 249kg Limousin bull at £765, 239kg Limousin bull at £635, 266kg Charolais bull at £730, Garrison producer 225k Charolais heifer at £500, 207kg Charolais bull at £570, 253kg Charolais heifer at £515, 257kg Limousin heifer at £605, 257kg Limousin heifer at £605, 285kg Limousin heifer at £630, 307kg Limousin heifer at £775, Belcoo producer 253kg Charolais heifer at £630, 310kg Charolais heifer at £725, 311kg Charolais steer at £770, 244kg Aberdeen Angus steer at £570, 348kg Charolais bull at £925, 193kg Limousin bull at £535, 236kg Charolais heifer at £535, Ederney producer 249kg Charolais bull at £670, 257kg Charolais bull at £690, 268kg Charolais bull at £695, Letterbreen producer 353kg Charolais bull at £870, 308kg Charolais bull at £815, 231kg Charolais bull at £620, 254kg Charolais bull at £730, Newtownbutler producer 286kg Charolais steer at £760, 292kg Charolais steer at £815, 257kg Charolais heifer at £525, 283kg Charolais heifer at £645, 338kg Charolais bull at £930, 361kg Charolais bull at £955, 318kg Charolais bull at £875, 281kg Charolais bull at £775, Kesh producer 403kg Limousin bull at £900, 331kg Limousin heifer at £675, 197kg Limousin bull at £540, Kinawley producer 191kg Charolais bull at £660, 135kg Charolais bull at £650, Enniskillen producer 302kg Charolais heifer at £680, 298kg Charolais heifer at £685, 300kg Charolais heifer at £650, 328g Charolais heifer at £785, Derrylin producer 407kg Simmental heifer at £800, 225kg Charolais heifer at £520, 219kg Charolais heifer at £510, 250kg Charolais heifer at £535, 213kg Charolais heifer at £490.


Enniskillen producer Charolais bull at £350, Newtownbutler producer Limousin heifer at £325, Kinawley producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £310, Aberdeen Angus bull at £290, Aberdeen Angus bull at £265, Aberdeen Angus bull at £240, Lisnaskea producer Hereford bull at £270, Derrylin producer Belgian Blue heifer at £265, Friesian bull at £100, Derrygonnelly producer Belgian Blue bull at £240, Fivemiletown producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £235, Friesian bull at £135, Ballinamallard producer Belgian Blue bull at £225.


Kesh producer Charolais cow with heifer at £1,220, Simmental cow with bull at £1,200, Kesh producer Charolais cow with heifer at £1,080, Limousin cow with bull at £1,070, Garrison producer Limousin cow with heifer at £1,210, Tempo producer Shorthorn cow with heifer at £1,070, Ballyluck producer Limousin cow with heifer at £1,060.


Forward lots sold to 200ppk paid for a 550kg Charolais at £1,000.

Medium weights from 180-218ppk paid for a 455kg at £990.

Enniskillen producer Charolais 550kg at £1,100, Charolais 520kg at £1,040, Charolais 500kg at £1,000, Lisnaskea producer Charolais 450kg at £990, Charolais 440kg at £980, Charolais 420kg at £900, Newtownbutler Charolais 500kg at £1,000, Charolais 430kg at £900, Rosslea producer Charolais 360kg at £800, Charolais 350kg at £750.

Beef cows sold to 175ppk for a 678kg Limousin at £1,190.

Feeding cows to 206p for a 450kg Limousin at £930

Friesian and Holstein cows to 140p for a 628kg Friesian at £885 and up to £900 per breed.

Bulls to 196p for a 732kg Simmental at £1,440.

Magheraveely producer Charolais 512kg at £915, Garrison producer Charolais 678kg at £1,190, Garrison producer Charolais 486kg at £835, Enniskillen producer Belgian Blue 588kg at £920, Derrylin producer Charolais 846kg at £1,205, Clogher producer Charolais 650kg at £1,035, Letterbreen producer Charolais 698kg at £885, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 628kg at £885, Enniskillen producer Holstein 588kg at £655.