Steady trade for cattle and sheep at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Another full yard of stock sold to a steady trade.

Prices as follows


Joseph McNulty £1,435/760kg, £1,360/690kg, Brian Johnston £1,305/610kg, £1,145/550kg, £1,140/580kg, £1,095/570kg, Brian O'Kane £1,195/600kg, S Harpur £1,150/530kg, Kenneth Johnston £1,135/490kg, £1060/540kg, £1,050/500kg, £1,010/490kg, £960/520kg, £940/460kg, Keith Cunningham £1,100/580kg, Brian O'Kane £1,090/570kg, £1085/600kg, £1,055/490kg, £980/530kg, David Smyth £1,005/490kg, R Moore £985/480kg, £945/480kg, £815/460kg, Brian Johnston £940/510kg, James Sherard £925/470kg, £845/470kg, A Kelly £885/50kg and Cochrane Boyle £805/370kg.


David Hunter £1,210/560kg, £995/530kg, Joseph McNulty £1,170/630kg, David Smyth £1,075/540kg, Cochrane Boyle £1020/440kg, J McAuley £990/560kg, John Corbett £990/560kg, David Smyth £960/480kg, Stuart McKeague £950/530kg, R Moore £950/510kg, Mervyn Rodgers £950/450kg, John Corbett £910/470kg, Stuart Hyndman £910/430kg, £860/370kg, David Hunter £900/510kg, Mervyn Rodgers £880/450kg, £880/480kg, £840/370kg, £825/430kg, Cochrane Boyle £845/410kg, James Todd £840/460kg, £815/430kg, Joseph McElhatton £820/470kg, Martin O'Kane £820/420kg, Stuart McKeague £810/480kg, £800/450kg, A McGuinness £800/490kg, M Rodgers £800/380kg and John Corbett £800/440kg.

Ewe lambs sold to £85, fat lambs sold to £82.80, fat ewes sold to £92 and breeding hoggets sold to £140.

A steady trade throughout.


Joesph Whiteside £85, £85, £85, Martin O'Connor £82.80/26kg, Patrick Duffy £82.50/26kg, Matthew Blair £81/25kg, Brian Johnston £81/24kg, John Mark £80.20/26kg, D Lynch £80/25kg, Samuel McBeth £80/24kg, D Walker £80/26kg, A Fleming £80/24kg, Liam Bryson £79.50/26kg, Hugh O'Connor £79.50/25kg, S Johnston £79/23kg, John Mark £79/24kg, John Ramsey £79/25kg and J McMenamin £78.20/25kg.


S Kelly £92, £88, A Houston £85, Liam Bryson £83.50, Thomas Rosborough £83, £70.50, £80, £79, Norman Thompson £76.50, S Miller £73.50, S Syith £67.50, J J Dalton £66 and Norman Thompson £64.


Sean McCloskey £140 and John M Connell £128, £118, £117, £117, £106.