Steady trade for sheep at Raphoe Mart

Raphoe Mart
Raphoe Mart

There was a good entry of sheep at Raphoe Mart on Monday 15th January 2018 with a steady trade for all stock on offer with most being sold.

Lambs sold at: €65 to €75 for 30-34kgs, €75 to €85 for 34-37kgs, €85 to €95 for 38-44kgs, €95 to €108 for 44-50kgs, €108 to €117 for 50-60kgs.

Springers sold at €142.

Fat ewes sold from €60 to a high of €138.

At the cattle sale Thursday 18th January 2018 at Raphoe beef bullocks - €795 to €1,070 over.

Store bullocks - €520 to €710 over.

Beef heifers - €500 to €820 over.

Store heifers - €350 to €695 over.

Dry cows - €700 to €1,355 each.

A smaller entry of cattle in poor weather conditions at Raphoe Mart this week.

Trade held similar to previous week with good quality cattle in great demand.

Forward stores sold easily with factory agents

Feedlot buyers and farmers all competing.

Bullocks sold from €2.10/kg to €2.60/kg.

Bulls sold from €2.00/kg to €3.05/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.10/kg to €2.70/kg

Fat cows sold from €700/head to €1,355/head.

Special lot for sale on Thursday 25th January 2018 in conjunction with the usual cattle sale: 4 Belgian Blue heifers with 4 Belgian Blue heifer calves at foot.

Regular sales: Sheep sale every Monday at 11am. Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.