Steers peak at £1,455 at Keady Mart

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There was another good sale at Keady this with some excellent stock with some excellent prices to match.

All the usual buyers were in attendance with some new faces starting to appear looking for store cattle to graze.

Demand was strong with steers peaking at £1,455 and dozens more reaching between £1,300 and £1,450.

The top heifer price of the day went to a Benburb producer at £1,410.

See below for more prices:

Steers: 555kg, 227.00/100kg, £1,260, 445kg, 224.70/100kg, £1,000, 495kg, 220.20/100kg, £1,090, 605kg, 219.80/100kg, £1,330, 445kg, 218.00/100kg, £970, 530kg, 217.00/100kg, £1,150, 625kg, 216.80/100kg, £1,355, 570kg, 215.80, £1,230, 635kg, 214.20/100kg, £1,360, 495kg, 214.10/100kg, £1,060, 655kg, 212.20/100kg, £1,390, 670kg, 211.20/100kg, £1,415.

Heifers: 380kg, 230.30/100kg, £875, 445kg, 224.70/100kg, £1,000, 465kg, 220.40/100kg, £1,025, 545kg, 220.20/100kg, £1,200, 520kg, 218.30/100kg, £1,135, 530kg, 214.20/100kg, £1,135, 370kg, 213.50/100kg, £790, 445kg, 213.50, £950, 450kg, 212.20/100kg, £955.