Steers sell to £1,340 for 605kgs at Armoy Mart

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Another fine show of 276 head last Monday night met with a good trade for most types of cattle.

However better weather conditions meant many farmers were in the field and poorer lots were easier in price.

Steers sold to £1,340 for 605kgs, heifers to £1,310 for 640kgs and fat cows topped at £1,100.


STEERS: Barry Taggart, Ballycastle, Aberdeen Angus, 605kgs, £1,340. C Brown, Ballycastle, Belgian Blue, 600kgs, £1,275, 450kgs, £995. M L Patton and Sons, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 580kgs, £1,185, 530kgs, £1,090, 630kgs, £1,200. John Stewart, Cloughmills, Shorthorn, 540kgs, £1,130. Chas Brown, Ballycastle, Limousin, 450kgs, £980, 560kgs, £1,190. Colin McDonnell, Martinstown, Charolais, 410kgs, £945, 450kgs, £1,020, 450kgs, £980. Barry Taggart, Ballycastle, Limousin, 630kgs, £1,285, 580kgs, £1,235. Hill Smith, Armoy, Belgian Blue, 470kgs, £980, 460kgs, £1,020, 430kgs, £960, 405kgs, £975. J and R J Hanna, Loughguile, Aberdeen Angus, 450kgs, £915. Sam Dobbin, Bushmills, Belgian Blue, 690kgs, £1,285, 600kgs, £1,195. John McKillop, Cushendall, Charolais, 290kgs, £655. Robert McHenry, Torr, Charolais, 440kgs, £1,000. John McLaughlin, Bushmills, Parthenais, 330kgs, £750, 370kgs, £785, 400kgs, £800, 340kgs, £800. Loughlan Black, Mosside, Limousin, 380kgs, £860, 490kgs, £1,035. Stephen Cochrane, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 450kgs, £920, 450kgs, £1,025. Jas Gillan, Loughguile, 300kgs, £765. Peter McCurdy, Rathlin Island, Limousin, 270kgs, £640. W J Bartlett, Armoy, Charolais, 390kgs, £860, 450kgs, £945. H and S Duffin, Martinstown, Limousin, 490kgs, £1,050, 480kgs, £1,045, 380kgs, £915, 570kgs, £1,190, 490kgs, £1,060. C Brown, Ballycastle, Charolais, 490kgs, £980. Jas McAuley, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 460kgs, £935. Barry Taggart, Ballycastle, Aberdeen Angus, 640kgs, £1,275. Daniel McVicker, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 400kgs, £750. Hill Smith, Armoy, Limousin, 490kgs, £940, 460kgs, £920. Samuel Dobbin, Bushmills, Limousin, 620kgs, £1,180, 610kgs, £1,170. Robert McHenry, Ballycastle, Charolais, 300kgs, £715. Martin McAuley, Martinstown, Charolais, 320kgs, £755. John Surgenor, Dervock, Belgian Blue, 540kgs, £1,075, 600kgs, £1,110. Hanna Morrison, Ballymoney, Charolais, 600kgs, £1,130. Clair Marron, Simmental, 590kgs, £1,245, 590kgs, £1,180. Sam Glass, Ballycastle, Friesian, 610kgs, £1,040, 600kgs, £1,025, 615kgs, £1,050, 640kgs, £1,120. Alan Dempster, Ballymoney, Friesian, 610kgs, £1,075, 680kgs, £1,100.

HEIFERS: Samuel Dobbin, Bushmills, Limousin, 600kgs, £1,290. M L Patton and Sons, Ballymoney, Belgian Blue, 640kgs, £1,310, Aberdeen Angus, 530kgs, £1,090. Samuel Gregg, Glarryford, Charolais, 440kgs, £980. W J Bartlett, Armoy, Charolais, 360kgs, £775. Robert McHenry, Ballycastle, Charolais, 370kgs, £740, 350kgs, £700, 360kgs, £790. Jas Gillan, Armoy, Limousin, 270kgs, £510, 300kgs, £590. P McCurdy, Rathlin, Limousin, 200kgs, £480, 230kgs, £485. H C Smith, Armoy, Belgian Blue, 400kgs, £790, 350kgs, £700. John McKillop, Cushendall, Charolais, 290kgs, £595, 300kgs, £660, 325kgs, £790. A Gaston, Carnlough, Limousin, 340kgs, £670. S Cochrane, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 400kgs, £780, 440kgs, £800, 405kgs, £800, 410kgs, £830.

FAT COWS (36): Tom Clyde, Antrim, Limousin, 700kgs, £1,000. P McCurdy, Rathlin, Limousin, 580kgs, £830. John Todd, Ballycastle, Limousin, 690kgs, £940. R M Duffin, Martinstown, Hereford, 540kgs, £775, 560kgs, £730. Geo Baker, Armoy, Aberdeen Angus, 605kgs, £840. J and J McAlister, Cushendall, Limousin bull, 905kgs, £1,100. William McAuley, Cushendall, Simmental, 450kgs, £725, 605kgs, £670. P and M Connolly, Armoy, Friesian, 730kgs, £800, 760kgs, £935, 600kgs, £625, 610kgs, £635. Robert McClure, Ballymoney, Friesian, 480kgs, £590. Robert Morrison, Charolais, 490kgs, £750.

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.