Steers sell to £1,350 for 640kgs at Armoy Mart

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A smaller show of 126 head last Monday at Armoy Mart met with a very firm trade.

Steers sold to £1,350 for 640kgs, heifers sold to £1,220 for 600kgs and fat cows were a great trade with stiff competition for a smaller show.


Robert Getty, Armoy, Charolais, 640kgs, £1,350, 580kgs, £1,140. Alan Smyth, Bushmills, Charolais, 620kgs, £1,290, 590kgs, £1,170. Sam Creith, Mosside, Charolais, 390kgs, £815. Jas Delargy, Cushendall, Charolais, 460kgs, £920. G A Rea, Ballymoney, Charolais, 370kgs, £800. Kenneth Montgomery, Limousin, 600kgs, £1,205. Damien McCloskey, Loughguile, Friesian, 700kgs, £1,145, 650kgs, £1,050. Alistair Getty, Bushmills, Limousin, 610kgs, £1,185. Chas Battersby, Bushmills, Charolais, 660kgs, £1,215, 580kgs, £1,045. Brian McAlister, Mosside, Hereford, 490kgs, £905. P J and G O’Rawe, Clough, Hereford, 370kgs, £700, 390kgs, £700, 400kgs, £700. Jas Delargy, Cushendall, Shorthorn, 490kgs, £950. Robert Getty, Armoy, Charolais, 630kgs, £1,150. John Surgenor, Dervock, Belgian Blue, 540kgs, £995, 520kgs, £965. John Crawford, Glarryford, Aberdeen Angus, 630kgs, £1,260. Sean A McBride, Ballycastle, Charolais, 500kgs, £1,250. Jonathan Rea, Finvoy, Friesians, 480kgs, £920, 580kgs, £920. Damian McCloskey, Loughguile, Friesian, 650kgs, £1,030, 600kgs, £1,000. John McKenna, Dervock, Friesian, 560kgs, £1,030, 600kgs, £1,000. John McKenna, Dervock, Friesian, 560kgs, £835, 600kgs, £890, 580kgs, £890. Ray Dunlop, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs, £975, 600kgs, £930. Alistair Getty, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs, £950. Sam Creith, Armoy, Charolais, 460kgs, £900.


Colm McFall, Bushmills, Charolais, 600kgs, £1,220, 610kgs, £1,170, 600kgs, £1,105. Arthur Devlin, Ballycastle, Charolais, 500kgs, £1,075, 520kgs, £1,000, 520kgs, £1,065, 440kgs, £900, 400kgs, £800, 400kgs, £795, 410kgs, £800, 430kgs, £905, 405kgs, £800, 450kgs, £875. Sean A McBride, Ballycastle, Charolais, 550kgs, £1,080, 430kgs, £835. Brian McAlister, Mosside, Hereford, 420kgs, £795.


A very sharp trade for the quality on offer.

Geo McAuley, Armoy, Aberdeen Angus, 650kgs, £800. Jas Nutt, Bushmills, Friesian, 500kgs, £545, 530kgs, £570. Martin McAuley, Martinstown, Limousin, 540kgs, £645. J Adair, Antrim, Holsteins, 460kgs, £575, 550kgs, £760.

Sale every Monday at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.