Steers sell to a top price of £1,465 at Armoy Mart

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At Armoy Mart there was a smaller show of 178 head last Monday night met with a great trade.

Steers sold to a top price of £1,465 for 700kgs.

Heifers sold to £1,125.

Fat cows were a tremendous trade, selling to £1,200 with quite a few cows over £1,000 per head.

STEERS: V McNeill, Ballycastle, (Charolais) 700kgs, £1,450, 680kgs, £1,400, 710kgs, £1,400, 650kgs, £1,415, 700kgs, £1,420, 600kgs, £1,350, 630kgs, £1,330, 680kgs, £1,330, 690kgs, £1,390. Robert Getty, Bushmills, (Charolais) 700kgs, £1,465, 640kgs, £1,290, 640kgs, £1,365, 650kgs, £1,315. Ken Montgomery, Dervock, (Aberdeen Angus) 600kgs, £1,235, 580kgs, £1,150. Pat McBride, Ballyvoy, (Charolais) 480kgs, £1,015. T Christie, Cloughmills, (Aberdeen Angus) 640kgs, £1,335. Ken Montgomery, Dervock (Limousin) 600kgs, £1,090. Bryan Taggart, Bushmills, (Hereford) 600kgs, £1,145. Pat McBride, Ballyvoy, (Charolais) 500kgs, £980, 400kgs, £825, 500kgs, £980, 500kgs, £995. Lyle Morrison, Dervock, (Aberdeen Angus) 480kgs, £975, 480kgs, £1,005, 390kgs, £795. Brooke Huey, Armoy, (Limousin) 500kgs, £940, 500kgs, £900. T Christie, Cloughmills, (Limousin), 530kgs, £980. H R Johnston, Ballymoney, (Aberdeen Angus) 500kgs, £990. David McClure, Ballymoney, (Fleckvieh) 570kgs, £985. V McNeill, Ballycastle, (Charolais) 580kgs, £1,130, 600kgs, £1,210, 580kgs, £1,150.

HEIFERS: Lyle Morrison, Dervock, (Aberdeen Angus) 500kgs, £1,030. D Stevenson, Ahoghill, (Charolais) 440kgs, £915, 450kgs, £950, 420kgs, £840, 470kgs, £900, 480kgs, £900. John McGowan, Ballycastle, (Charolais) 390kgs, £825. Lyle Morrison, Dervock, (Aberdeen Angus) 530kgs, £1,020, 500kgs, £980. Wilson Carson, Cloghmills, (Limousin) 560kgs, £1,110, 560kgs, £1,100. Bryan Taggart, Bushmills, (Belgian Blue) 600kgs, £1,125.

FAT COWS/BULLS: J McConaghy, Ballymoney, (Aberdeen Angus) 910kgs, £1,200. Charles McAlister, Cushendall (Aberdeen Angus) 710kgs, £1,015, 720kgs, £1,010, 700kgs, £910. D McCouaig, Ballcastle, (Limousin) 660kgs, £860, 680kgs, £800. M and Y Carson, Cloughmills, (Friesian) 730kgs, £955. John Todd, Ballycastle, (Limousin) 590kgs, £840. John Elliott, Loughguile, (Aberdeen Angus) 600kgs, £685.

Sale next Monday (August 21st).

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.