Steers sell to a top price of £1,505 at Armoy Mart

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A good turnout of 175 head last Monday night at Armoy Mart met with a great trade.

Steers sold to a top of £1,505, heifers sold to a top of £1,230, fat cows were a great trade selling to £1,200.

STEERS: Pat McErlain, Armoy, Charolais, 500kgs, £1,140. Stafford Knox, Coleraine, Simmental, 770kgs, £1,505. Colm McFall, Bushmills, Charolais, 650kgs, £1,360, 600kgs, £1,335, 600kgs, £1,245. Robert McLernon, Corkey, Belgian Blue, 620kgs, £1,275. Robert Chambers, Bushmills, Limousin, 420kgs, £970. Pat McErlain, Armoy, Charolais, 530kgs, £1,070, 520kgs, £1,000. Raymond Cupples, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 500kgs, £1,030, 515kgs, £1,045. Robert McLernon, Loughguile, Belgian Blue, 560kgs, £1,220. Richard Chambers, Ballycastle, Limousin, 590kgs, £1,160. Pat McErlain, Armoy, Charolais, 570kgs, £1,115, 540kgs, £1,090. William Graham, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs, £1,000, 640kgs, £1,030, 610kgs, £1,035. M Cochrane, Mosside, Aberdeen Angus, 560kgs, £1,020. Ray Cupples, Ballymena, Aberdeen Angus, 515kgs, £1,045, 510kgs, £1,030. R Chambers, Bushmills, Limousin, 400kgs, £915, 420kgs, £970, 590kgs, £1,160. R Bloomfield, Kilrea, Friesian, 530kgs, £890, 535kgs, £840. Wm Morrison, Mosside, Friesian, 500kgs, £840.

HEIFERS: Ivan Lynn, Armoy, Limousin, 390kgs, £905. John Johnston, Ballymoney, Simmental, 630kgs, £1,230. Richard Chambers, Ballycastle, Limousin, 490kgs, £1,100. M McKenna, Dervock, Blonde D’Aquataine, 470kgs, £935. Sarah Steele, Carnkirk, Simmental, 480kgs, £930. Francis Quinn, Cushendall, 460kgs, £920. Ivan Lynn, Armoy, 390kgs, £905. Sarah Steele, Bushmills, Simmental, 460kgs, £860, 480kgs, £835. Francis Quinn, Cushendall, Limousin, 350kgs, £740. B McCurdy, Bushmills, 345kgs, £840. Co Down producer, Aberdeen Angus, 350kgs, £710, 320kgs, £670, 340kgs, £700, 370kgs, £720. Sandra Henderson, Bushmills, Limousin, 230kgs, £495, 280kgs, £640, 315kgs, £670. Sarah Steele, Bushmills, Simmental, 460kgs, £860, 480kgs, £930, 435kgs, £795. M McKenna, Ballymoney, Blonde D’Aquataine , 470kgs, £935, 400kgs, £885.

FAT COWS: Robert Chambers, Bushmills, Limousin, 700kgs, £1,200. John McAllister, Dunseverick, 750kgs, £1,190. Richard Chambers, Ballycastle, Limousin,670kgs, £1,130. Robert Chambers, Bushmills, Limousin, 750kgs, £1,060. John Sinclair, Bushmills, Simmental, 610kgs, £875. John McAllister, Bushmills, Hereford, 660kgs, £900. P Higginson, Antrim, 520kgs £810.

Sale every Monday night at 7pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.