Store bullocks sell to £1145 at Lisnaskea

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Another good entry for the week ending 12/11/16 with excellent prices recorded for quality lots.

LEADING PRICES: Store bullocks - Rosslea producer 640kg Lim to £1145, 600kg Ch to £1000 and 540kg AA to £900. Lisnaskea producer 460kg Char to £900. Lisnaskea producer 500kg AA to £758.

STORE HEIFERS: Rosslea producer 440kg Char to £840 and 490kg Lim to £828. Derrylin producer 370kg Ch to £694, 350kg Lim to £560 and 340kg Sim to £548.

COWS & CALVES: Kinawley producer heifer and heifer calf to £1310. Springfield producer £930 for heifer and heifer calf and £910 for 05 cow and heifer calf.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Boho producer 400kg Ch to £840 and 400kg Ch to £740. Lisnaskea producer 400kg B/B to £800. Lisnaskea producer 330kg Ch to £738 and 270kg Lim to £615. Newtownbutler producer 310kg Ch to £732, 270kg Ch to £630, 230kg Ch to £588 and 220kg Ch to £588. Lisnaskea producer 360kg Ch to £725, 270kg Ch to £690, 360kg Ch to £668, and 220kg Ch to £530. Boho producer 340kg Lim to £722 and 250kg Ch to £645. Newtownbutler producer 320kg Ch to £704. Lisnaskea producer 280kg Ch to £692, 210kg AA to £518 and 220kg Ch to £500. Lisbellaw producer 300kg Ch to £690, 300kg Ch to £660, 320kg Ch to £638 and 310kg Her to £574. Newtownbutler producer 250kg Lim to £618, 230kg Lim to £548, 240kg Ch to £538, 250kg Lim to £525 twice and 230kg Sim to £515. Lisbellaw producer 260kg Ch to £625, 280kg Lim to £572, 240kg Lim to £556 and 190kg Ch to £500. Ballydoola producer 230kg Lim to £570 and 250kg Lim to £565. Lisnaskea producer 260kg Lim to £552. Derrylin producer 300kg AA to £592 twice, 250kg AAs to £528 four times. Newtownbutler producer 230kg Lim to £512, 210kg Lim to £490 and 170kg Lim to £442.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Springfield producer 310kg Lim to £670 and 260kg Lim to £552. Lisnaskea producer 270kg Ch to £616, 200kg Chars to £450 twice and 180kg Ch to £425. Newtownbutler producer 240kg Char to £555, and 260kg Ch to £550. Newtownbutler producer 250kg Ch to £508 and 220kg Lim to £450. Newtownbutler producer 220kg Lim to £470. Lisbellaw producer 250kg Lim to £500 and 210kg Lim to £465. Newtownbutler producer 210kg Lim to £415, 200kg Lim to £415 and 200kg Lim to £400.