Store heifers sell to £1180 at Lisnaskea

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Store heifers sold to £1180 at Lisnaskea for a 580kg Char Weanling, Steers and Bulls sold to a top of £935 for a 430 kg Char. and selling to £282 per 100kg for a 220kg Char at £620.


STORE HEIFERS Brookeborough Producer 580kg Ch. to £1180, 540kg Ch. to £1060, 550kg Sim. To £1050, 520kg Lim. to £1035, and 530kg Daq. To £1010.

STORE BULLOCKS: Derrylin Producer 550kg Daq. To £955, 470kg Daq. To £850 and 450kg AA. To £850.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea Producer 430kg Ch. to £935, 420kg Ch. to £800, 400kg Ch. to £800, 330kg Ch. to £790, 340kg Ch. to £785, 320kg Ch. to £725, 310kg Ch. to £720, and 300kg Ch. to £700. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg Ch. to £880 and 370kg Ch. to £830. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg AA. To £870. Derrylin Producer 400kg AA. To £815. Lisnaskea Producer 400kg Ch. to £810. Magheraveely Producer 350kg Ch. to £800. Newtownbutler Producer 280kg Ch. to £700, 260kg Ch. to £500, 230kg Ch. to £490, 270kg Sim. To £480, and 230kg Sim. To £420. Lisnaskea Producer 280kg Ch. to £685 and 290kg Ch. to £690. Boho Producer 220kg Ch. to £620 and 230kg Ch. to £580. Derrylin Producer 250kg AAs. To £600 x 2 230kg AA. To £600, 160kg AA. To £360 and 160kg Shb. To £360. Magheraveely Producer 250kg Ch. to £580, 260kg Ch. to £530, and 210kg Ch. to £465. Lisnaskea Producer 190kg Ch. to £470 and 180kg Ch. to £420.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lisnaskea Producer 360kg Ch. to £735 and 360kg Ch. to £700. Derrylin Producer 340kg Lim. to £665 and 410kg Ch. to £650. Boho Producer 290kg Ch. to £635. Newtownbutler Producer 320kg Her. To £550370kg Her. To £520 and 350kg Her. To £500. Enniskillen Producer 270kg Lim. to £500, 230kg Her. To £400, 230kg AA. To £400, and 230kg AA. To £360.

Lots more stock required to meet a very strong demand from purchasers province wide.