Store lambs sell to £70 for 18kg at Hilltown Mart

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At the sale on Thursday, October 4th fat lambs sold to £88 for 26kg.

Store lambs sold to £70 for 18kg and fat ewes sold to £84.

Fat lambs: Hilltown farmer, £88 for 26kg (333ppk), £86.50 for 27kg (313ppk). Atticall farmer, £81 for 28kg (289ppk). Banbridge farmer, £80 for 25kg (315ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £80 for 26kg (307ppk). Hilltown farmers, £75.50 for 24kg (3025ppk), £74 for 24kg (308ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £74.50 for 23kg (322ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £73 for 21kg (333ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £72.50 for 23kg (307ppk). Dromore farmer, £71 for 21.5kg (324ppk).

Store lambs: Hilltown farmer, £70 for 18kg (372ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £69.50 for 17kg (406ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £69 for 18kg (371ppk). Hilltown farmer, £68 for 18.5kg (367ppk), £66.50 for 17kg (371ppk). Ballynahinch farmer, £67 for 17kg (394ppk).

Fat ewes: Hilltown farmer, £84, £71. Rathfriland farmer, £75. Kilkeel farmer, £73, £70. Newcastle farmer, £64.

At the sale on Saturday, October 6th fat lambs sold to £83 for 26.5kg.

Store lambs sold to £70 for 17.5kg and fat ewes sold to £91.

Fat lambs: Kilkeel farmers, £83 for 26.5kg (313ppk), £81 for 24kg (333ppk), £80 for 26kg (305ppk), £73.50 for 22.5kg (326ppk), £71.50 for 21kg (340ppk). Banbridge farmer, £82 for 27kg (300ppk), £75 for 23kg (320ppk). Ballymartin farmer, £78 for 21kg (371ppk). Dromore farmer, £77 for 24kg (320ppk). Newry farmer, £76 for 23.5kg (322ppk). Hilltown farmer,£74.50 for 23kg (323ppk), £72 for 20kg (354ppk).

Store lambs: Hilltown farmer, £70 for 17.5kg (404ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £68 for 18kg (369ppk), £61.50 for 15.5kg (396ppk), £67 for 18.5kg (362ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £64 for 17kg (365ppk). Newry farmer, £63 for 15kg (409ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £62.50 for 15kg (393ppk).

Fat ewes: Ballymartin farmer, £91. Newry farmer, £90. Hilltown farmer, £87. Atticall farmer, £85, £84. Banbridge farmer, £82.

The annual suckler Limousin sale took place in Hilltown on Tuesday, October 2th with top quality stock on sale.

Prize winners:

Bullock class: First place, presented by A, Callaghan, Kilkeel, £1,190 for 414kg (287ppk), second place, presented by Terence Rooney, Mayobridge, £1,000 for 378kg (264ppk) and third place, presented by Joseph Doyle, Kilkeel, £950 for 334kg (284ppk).

Heifer class: First place and overall champion, presented by Gerard Magee, Rostrevor, £960 for 394kg (243ppk). Second place and reserve champion, Martin McShane, Hilltown. Third place, Gerard Magee, Rostrevor, £755 for 346kg (218ppk).

Prices to follows: males, Mayobridge farmer, £1,100 for 402kg (273ppk), £945 for 438kg (215ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1,100 for 460kg (239ppk), £1,080 for 412kg (262ppk). Hilltown farmers, £1,070 for 430kg (248ppk), £1,000 for 400kg (250ppk). Castlewellan farmer,£1,060 for 464kg (228ppk). Banbridge farmer, £1,020 for 392kg (260ppk). Rostrevor farmers, £1,005 for 480kg (209ppk), £970 for 380kg (255ppk), £960 for 448kg (214ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £990 for 456kg (217ppk).

Heifers: Rostrevor farmers, £1,045 for 350kg (298ppk), £850 for 388kg (219ppk). Hilltown farmer, £970 for 398kg (243ppk), £955 for 392kg (243ppk), £920 for 424kg (217ppk), £855 for 314kg (272ppk), £830 for 422kg (196ppk), £815 for 334kg (244ppk), £805 for 348kg (231ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £940 for 504kg (186ppk), £800 for 424kg (188ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £860 for 336kg (256ppk).