Store lambs sell to £80 at Gortin Mart

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A large entry of sheep with fat lambs selling to £98 on Monday.

Store lambs sold to £80 and fat ewes sold to £108.


William Ballantine £98/31kg, Walter Fleming £98/28kg, Maurice Hamilton £97/30kg, Damien McSwiggan £96/29kg, Kieran McGrath £96/29kg, Francis Bradley £95/26kg, John McSorley £95/28kg, £94/kg, Andrew Lynn £93.50/27kg, A McFarland £93/26kg, Niall Daly £93/25kg, Kevin Woods £93/26kg, William Graham £93/27kg, Allan Speers £93/24kg, Victor Kitson £92/26kg, Kieran McGrath £92/24kg, Niall Daly £92/4kg, Kevin Woods £92/25kg, Derek Kerr £91.80/25kg, Nigel Laughlin £91.80/24kg, William Graham £91/26kg, Maurice Hamilton £90.50/24kg, William Graham £90.50/24kg, Preston Farms £90.50/24kg, Chris McAweaney £90.20/24kg, Leslie Hopper £90/24kg, Victor Loughlin £90/27kg, Gerard McCrory £81/19kg, Martin Devlin £81/21kg and Watterson £80/22kg.


Reginald Hamilton £80/17kg, John McGlinchey £80/19kg, Barry Morris £79.50/19kg, Martin Devlin £77, E and K Knox £75, Kieran McGrath £75, Victor Kitson £75, Cecil Scott £71.80, J P Magill £70 and Reginald Hamilton £69.


Cathal Nugent £108, £100, £100, £100, £98, Edna Cartwright £80, W Lynch £79, £76, £75, Charles Quigley £72, J and M O’Connor £70, David Williamson £68 and A McFarland £61.