Strong demand for all types of cattle at Pomeroy Mart

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A large entry of at Pomeroy Mart with stock selling to a strong demand.

Prices as follows:


Kieran Donnelly £920/430kg, Michael Nugent 3915/440kg, Brian Rafferty £910/430kg, Dominic Rafferty £910/360kg, £900/360kg, £900/410kg, £890/350kg, £875/340kg, £870/370kg, £860/390kg, £840/340kg, £835/350kg, £785/330kg, Kieran Donnelly £865/430kg, Francis Hughes £855/410kg, c Higgins £830/330kg, Peter Dobbs £805/430kg, £785/410kg, £760/430kg,£740/410kg, Ascaill £765/340kg, Alan Crawford £750/340kg, James Bradley £735/330kg, Gary Daly £730/340kg, Kieran Donnelly £725/350kg, Francis Nugent £725/330kg, £700/350kg, Patrick Keenan £710/310kg and Gary Daly £700/290kg.


Peter Toner £1,110, C Rankin £890, £830, £770, Dominic Ryan £725/320kg, £720/340kg, Peter Tomer £710/480kg, S Rafferty £700/310kg, Dominic Ryan £700/290kg, Francis Nugent £690/300kg, £670/310kg, Alan Crawford £650/340kg, £625/320kg, Francis Nugent £610/340kg, £605/300kg, Alan Crawford £610/340kg, £600/270kg, £570/270kg, S Rafferty £590/270kg, £560/250kg, £550/250kg, Martin Corrigan £530/250kg, £520/260kg, £520/250kg, £505/280kg and James Bradley £500/270kg.