Strong demand for cattle at Clogher

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A smaller entry of 964 cattle on offer for the holiday weekend produced another strong demand for all sorts.

In the Fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to a top of £216 for a 640kg Lim. to total £1382-40 while Beef Cows sold to £1524-70 for a 790kg Lim. @ £193. Fat Bulls sold to £1414 for a 1010kg Sim. selling to a top of £144 for a 890kg Lim. (£1281-60) Fat Steers O/Age sold to £174 for a 600kg Sim. Fat Steers U/Age sold to £203 for a 630kg Sal. Fat Heifers U/Age sold to £224 for a 540kg B/B. In the Store Rings Forward Steers sold to £1500 for a 670kg Ch. (£224 per 100kg) Med weights sold to £1180 twice for 500kg Limms (£236 per 100kg) Store Heifers sold to £1420 for a 620kg Lim. (£229per 100kg ) Med Weights sold to £1070 for a 490kg Ch. (£218) Weanling Steers & Bulls sold to £1250 for a 620kg Lim. (£201) with smaller ones selling to £1090 for a 370kg Ch. ( £295) Weanling Heifers sold to £935 for a 380kg Lim. (£246) and £930 for a 340kg Ch. (£274) Dairy Cows sold to £1700 Suckler outfits sold to £1730. With incalf Heifers selling to £1620 Dropped Calves Bulls sold to £530 for a Ch. Heifers sold to £340 for a Lim. Reared Bulls sold to £755 for a Ch. Reared Heifers sold to £700 for a Daq. LEADING PRICES IN FATSTOCK RING AS FOLLOWS:

Omagh Producer 640kg Lim. to £216, 670kg B/B. to £202, and 590kg Lim. to £194. Kesh Producer 490kg Lim. to £211. Ballygawley Producer 580kg Lim. to £208. Clogher Producer 480kg Lim. to £205. Portadown Producer 590kg Lim. to £203. Tassagh Producer 540kg AA. to £201. Ballygawley Producer 500kg Lim. to £201. Fivemiletown Producer 580kg Lim. to £200. Dungannon Producer 570kg Lim. to £199. Pomeroy Producer 510kg Sim. to £198. Strabane Producer 510kg Ch. to £196. Portadown Producer 450kg Sim. to £195. Pomeroy Producer 710kg Daq. To £194 (£1377-40) Coalisland Producer 490kg Ch. to £193. Clogher Producer 790kg Lim. to £193 (£1524-70) Rosslea Producer 650kg Ch. to £193. Pomeroy Producer 640kg Sim. to £191 Friesian Beef Cows sold to £138 per 100kg for 660kg (£910-80) while Friesian Cow Heifers sold to £191 per 100kg for 520kg @ £191 (£993-20)

FAT BULLS: Fivemiletown Producer 890kg Lim. to £144 (£1281-60) Keady Producer 1010kg Sim. to £140 (£1414) Stewartstown Producer 860kg Ayr. To £132 (£1135-20) Monea Producer 580kg Ch. to £118 (£684-40)

FAT STEERS O/Age: 600kg Sim. to £174. 620kg AA. to £173. 560kg Sim. to £170. 700kg Lim. to £170. 500kg Lim. to £168. 710kg Lim. to £148. 830kg Ch. to £141. 690kg Ch. to £134.

FAT STEERS U/Age: 630kg Sal. To £203. 820kg AA. to £202 (£1656-40) 540kg Ch. to £197. 630kg Lim. to £197. 580kg Lim. to £191. 590kg Sim. to £184. 570kg Sal. To £184. 400kg AA. to £183. 600kg Ch. to £179. 600kg Fr. To £161. Other Friesians sold from £138 to £150 per 100kg

FAT HEIFERS U/Age: 540kg B/B. to £224 (£1209-60) 490kg Lim. to £205. 570kg Sim. to £201. 450kg Ch. to £192. 540kg Sim. to £191. 460kg Lim. to £186. 510kg B/B. to £184. 470kg Bga. to £178. 540kg Sim. to £169. 470kg S/H. to £158. 630kg Fr. To £148. 440kg Fr. To £148. 460kg Fr. To £119. 550kg Hol. To £112.

STORE BULLOCKS: A very firm demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1500 for a 670kg Ch. (£224) and 610kg Lim. to £1365 (£224) for a Dungannon Producer. W J & G Falls Aughnacloy 710kg Lim. to £1460 (£205-60) 690kg Lim. to £1430, 650kg Sim. to £1345, and 680kg Sim. to £1320. T Quinn Dungannon 780kg Her. to £1435 (£184) and 670kg Her. to £1320 (£197) M Coyle Pomeroy 630kg Ch. to £1385 (£220) P J O Neill Craigavon 650kg Lim. to £1380 S Hazelton Brookeborough 670kg Ch. to £1370. B Daly Armagh 600kg Ch. to £1365 (£227-50) 660kg Ch. to £1320, and 590kg Ch. to £1295 (£219) S Mohan Fivemiletown 610kg Ch. to £1365, 610kg AA. to £1330 and 600kg Lim. to £1295. C Reid Gortaclare 710kg Lim. to £1350 (£190) and 640kg Lim. to £1320 (£206) F McStay Lurgan 600kg Lim. to £1325 (£221)


B Daly Armagh 500kg Lim. to £1180 (£236) J Hackett Ballygawley 500kg Lim. to £1180 (£236). S Mohan Fivemiletown 480kg Lim. to £1115 (£232) 430kg Lim. to £1070 (£249) and 470kg Lim. to £1065 (£226) C Taggart Fintona 480kg Ch. to £1095 J F McKenna Clogher 470kg Sim. to £1095 , 480kg Lim. to £1070, and 440kg Lim. to £990. N McMullan Aughnacloy 440kg Daq. To £1075 (£244) and 420kg Daq. To £1000 (£238) M J Parr Aughnacloy 480kg Lim. to £1065 and 470kg Lim. to £990. W D Hazelton Dungannon 430kg Sim. to £1060 (£246-50) P J O Neill Craigavon 490kg AA. to £1060. G Cullen Coalisland 480kg Ch. to £1045. T Cassidy Augher 470kg Lim. to £1000. E Cassidy Tempo 410kg Lim. to £960 (£234) S R Hessin Moneymore 450kg Sim. to £955 and 440kg Ch. to £940.


F Mc Stay Lurgan 350kg Lim. to £875. W D Hazelton Dungannon 340kg Sim. to £835. R Mayers Tempo 310kg Her. to £550 and 340kg Lim. to £540. P Warnock Tempo 280kg Ayr. To £370 and 230kg Hol. To £300.

STORE HEIFERS: A good steady demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1420 for a 620kg Lim. (£229) and a 590kg Lim. to £1200 for J Allen Ballygawley. K Allen Ballygawley 550kg Ch. to £1340 (£243) R Martin Portadown 590kg Lim. to £1260, 520kg Lim. to £1125, 530kg Ch. to £1130 and 530kg Ch. to £1115. E O Neill Ballygawley 580kg Ch. to £1240. J McSorley Beragh 570kg Ch. to £1235 580kg Lim. to £1190 and 620kg Lim. to £1235. Rosslea Producer 640kg Sim. to £1210, 610kg Ch. to £1180, 540kg Ch. to £1135 and 560kg Ch. to £1105. N Tierney Dungannon 550kg Lim. to £1190 and 560kg Lim. to £1150. S Hazelton Brookeborough 600kg Ch. to £1170, 580kg Ch. to £1150 and 580kg Ch. to £1130.


J McSorley Beragh 490kg Ch. to £1070. J Boylan Aughnacloy 470kg Ch. to £930, 430kg Lim. to £765, and 430kg Lim. to £760. C Mulligan Brookeborough 460kg Lim. to £825. E McCaffery Tempo 400kg Ch. to £790. L Allen Augher 430kg Brb. To £775.


Clogher Producer 350kg Lim. to £980 (£280) E McCaffery Tempo 390kg Ch. to £870, 370kg Ch. to £850, 390kg Ch. to £845, 370kg Lim. to £835, 380kg Ch. top £825, and 360kg Ch. to £800. W D Hazelton Dungannon 350kg Sim. to £700. G Taggart Coalisland 350kg Daq. To £645. L Allen Augher 360kg Lim. to £645.

WEANLINGS: A very keen demand in this section with Steers & Bulls selling to £1250 for a 620kg Lim. (£201) 490kg Ch. to £1080, and 450kg Lim. to £1050. A Mitchell Drumquin 450kg Lim. to £1100 (£244) 440kg Lim. to £1100 (£250) and 410kg Lim. to £990 (£(£241) B Cassidy Rosslea 520kg Ch. to £1100, 370kg Ch. to £1090 (£294) E Cassidy Rosslea 510kg Ch. to £1080, and 400kg Ch. to £1025 (£256) J J Moane Cooneen 390kg Lim. to £1080 (£277) 420kg Lim. to £1080 (£257) and 380kg Lim. to £1020(£268) A A Veitch Kinawley 360kg Lim. to £1050 (£292) S Lagan Moneymore 450kg Ch. to £1040 S Mellon Fintona 490kg Ch. to £1040 J F McClave Rosslea 440kg Sim. to £1035. J McVitty Lisnaskea 430kg Ch. to £1000. M McNamee Keady 410kg B/B. to £990. G Aiken Kesh 440kg Sim. to £985.

WEANLING HEIFERS: G Aiken Kesh 380kg Lim. to £935 (£246) 360kg Ch. to £900 (£250) 340kg Ch. to £880, 330kg Ch. to £870 and 400kg Lim. to £785. D J Doherty Enniskillen 340kg Ch. to £930 (£273) and 350kg Ch. to £820. J F McClave Rosslea 380kg Ch. to £920 (£242) and 340kg Lim. to £780. Kesh Producer 360kg Lim. to £900 (£250) A A Veitch Kinawley 350kg Lim. to £880 Ballygawley Producer 310kg Ch. to £810 (£261) 340kg Lim. to £810. A Collen Armagh 320kg Ch. to £800. H Robinson Portadown 360kg Lim. to £800. R D Sommerville Trillick 360kg Lim. to £800, 380kg Lim. to £780, and 330kg Lim. to £780. E & S McCaughey Trillick 330kg Lim. to £785. F Mullin Dunmoyle 280kg Lim. to £770 (£275)

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A good selection on offer sold readily with a Ballygawley Producer selling Calved Heifers to £1700 and £1375. N Jackson Dromore £1600, £1140 and £1030 for Calved Heifers. D Moore Fintona £1350 for Calved 2nd Calver. Drumquin Producer £1310 for Calved Heifer. Drumquin Producer 31225 and £1205 for Calved Heifers. Special entry Sat. 14th April 20 Fkv. Bred Maiden Heifers ready for service .

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A good steady demand for Suckler outfits this week with G Robinson Fintona selling Heifers with Bull Calves to £1730 and £1535. M A Kennedy Clogher £1655 for 3rd Calver & Heifer Calf. Patk Donnelly Ballygawley £1620 and £1500 for Incalf Heifers. P Potter Middletown £1520 for a Heifer & Heifer Calf. Lisnaskea Producer £1500 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. B O Hara Coagh Cookstown £1410 for 2012 Cow & Bull Calf. C Mc Combe Clogher £1400 for 2nd Calver & Heifer Calf. B MMcGirr Fintona £1340 and £1320 for Heifers with Bull Calves. J G McAleer Rosslea £1295 for Incalf Heifer. T Armstrong Derrygonnelly £1160 for for Incalf Cow. Pomeroy Producer £1150, £1100 and £1070 for Incalf Cows. S Holmes Portadown £1140 for Incalf Heifer.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: Another good entry sold easily to a keen demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months ) selling to £530 for a Ch. to A Gribben Portadown. C Mc Combe Clogher £455 for Lim. T Singleton Ballygawley £425 and £350 for Limms. Brookeborough Producer 380 for Lim. M Lagan Cookstown 345 for Her. and £315 for Sim. P McGee Augher £290 and £280 for Limms. D I Hoey Maguiresbridge £290 for Lim. E & T Beacom Maguiresbridge £285 for AA. H Cleary Garvery £275 for B/B.


T Singleton Ballygawley £340 for Lim. N O Donnell Drumahoe £340 for Lim. A Rafferty Omagh £335 for Ch. Brookeborough Producer £320 for Ch. and £305 for AA. H Cleary Garvery £290 for B/B. W H Stockdale Clogher £280 for B/B. K Gorman Fintona £275 for AA.

REARED BULLS: J Armstrong Maguiresbridge £755 for Ch. S Duffy Lisbellaw £710 for Ch. Mountview Cattle Dungannon £655 for Ch. S Cox Kinawley £645 and £550 for Chars. A Rafferty Omagh £625 for Lim. K O Talbot Coalisland £600 for Lim. and £580 for Ch. D Reid Killylea £595 for Ch. A G McGovern Fivemiletown £580 x 2 for AAs. Augher Producer £555 for Lim. G D Campbell Lisburn £535 for Her.

REARED HEIFERS: J A Maguire Derrylin £700 for Daq, £700 for AA. and £640 for AA. B O Hara Coagh Cookstown. Augher Producer £595 for Sim. M A Garry Dromore £545 for Lim. J Armstrong Maguiresbridge £535 and £520 for Limms. T Armstrong Derrygonnelly £500 for S/H. S Cox Kinawley £490 for Ch. A McDonald Ballygawley £485 for Ch. and £400 for Lim. D Rafferty Omagh £450 for S/H. A C Campbell Lisburn £450 for Lim. B R Phair Lisnaskea £405 for Her.