Strong demand for cattle at Clogher Mart

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A very strong demand reported for an entry of 1086 cattle at Clogher mart last week.

In the fatstock ring there was one of the best sales reported ever in this sales ring with cow heifers selling to £208 for a 580kg Ch, £204 for a 620kg Sim, £197 for a 620kg Sim and 194 for a 520kg AA.

Beef cows sold to £196 for a 720kg B/B, £194 for a 620kg Lim, £194 for a 560kg AA and 193 for a 640kg Sim.

LEADING PRICES: Portadown producer 580kg Ch to £208. Newtownbutler producer 620kg Sim to £204. Enniskillen producer 620kg Sim to £197. Moy producer 720kg B/B to £196, 720kg Lim to £187 and 820kg AA to £175. Cullyhanna producer 520kg AA to £194 and 620kg Lim to £194. Dungannonn producer 540kg Lim to £194, 630kg Lim to £188 and 580kg Lim to £178. Castlederg producer 560kg AA to £194. Newtownbutler producer 640kg Sim to £193. Kinawley producer 560kg Ch to £185. Birches producer 420kg Lim to £185. Clogher producer 670kg Lim to £181. Dromore producer 820kg Sim to £180. Keady producer 580kg Lim to £178. Dromore producer 600kg Lim to £177. Magheraveely producer 580kg Lim to £175.

Other quality lots sold from £150 to £173 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from 115 to £146 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £112 to £124 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £86 to £110 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £58 to 77 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 820kg Lim to £117. 850kg Lim to £115. 830kg Lim to £112. 1010kg Sim to £110. 1070kg Her to £106. 1030kg Ch to £104. 810kg Daq to £100. 900kg Fkv to £99.

FAT STEERS (overage): 620kg Ch to £183. 580kg Lim to £181. 670kg Ch to £178. 590kg Lim to £177. 610kg Ch to £175. 530kg AA to £173. 560kg AA to £171. 590kg Lim to £168. 630kg Lim to £163. 570kg Fr to £142.

FAT STEERS (underage): 600kg Sim to £194. 640kg Sim to £193. 620kg Ch to £192. 690kg Sim to £189. 480kg B/B to £187. 510kg Her to £187, 620kg Ch to £186. 490kg AA to £181. 530kg Lim to £178. 450kg Fkv to £166. 580kg Ea to £156. 470kg S/h to £152.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 590kg Lim to £196. 590kg Sim to £195, 430kg Lim to £192. 490kg Ch to £187. 590kg AA to £183. 560kg Shb to £178. 450kg Sal to £168. 550kg Hol to £141.

STORE BULLOCKS: Another good entry this week again sold to a very sharp demand with strong stores selling to £1480 for a 750kg Ch to I S Farrell, Fivemiletown. D Keys, Fivemiletown sold 740kg Ch to £1445, 690kg Ch to £1325 and 670kg Ch to £1295. Roy Hall, Fivemiletown 710kg AA to £1440, 660kg Ch to £1335, 660kg Ch to £1295 and 640kg Ch to £1290. Wm Jordan, Gortaclare 700kg Ch to £1435 and 670kg Ch to £1285. J A Haren, Lisbellaw 750kg Ch to £1395 and 740kg Ch to £1340. J McAree, Killylea 660kg Ch to £1350 and 620kg Lim to £1280. Carrick Farms, Aughnacloy 670kg Lim to £1335 and 640kg Ch to £1310. R Martin, Portadown 690kg Ch to £1325. M McClave, Rosslea 630kg Ch to £1275.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: Baden Keys, Fivemiletown 520kg Ch to £1115. M McClave, Rosslea 500kg Lim to £1065. D Rafferty, Cappagh 460kg Ch to £1040, 460kg Ch to £1015, and 440kg Ch to £895. W D Waddell, Armagh 480kg AA to £1000 and 490kg AA to £900. J Donnelly, Augher 480kg Sim to £1000, 420kg Sim to £895 and 410kg Sim to £895. P McMeel, Augher 450kg Lim to £1000 and 430kg Sim to £870. B Carey, Rosslea 450kg Sim to £995. J F McKenna, Clogher 420kg Lim to £990, 420kg Lbw to £960. P Donaghy, Galbally 430kg Lim to £960. W Higginson, Lisburn 460kg Lim to £900 and 430kg Sim to £870. B Bleakley, Magheraveely 450kg Her to £875.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: J F McKenna, Clogher 390kg Lim to £905, 370kg Lbw to £895 and 320kg Lim to £785.

STORE HEIFERS: A very keen demand in this section for 164 lots on offer with forward lots selling to £1355 for a 640kg Ch, £1310 for a 630kg Ch, £1280 for a 590kg Lim, and £1200 for a 580kg Lim to M Magee, Eskra. W S Hall, Magheraveely sold 570kg Ch to £1295, 590kg Ch to £1250, 600kg Ch to £1245, 590kg Ch to £1220, 600kg Ch to £1200, 610kg Ch to £1190, 560kg Ch to £1185, 560kg Daq to £1170 and 560kg Ch to £1150. Joe Hamill, Ballygawley 550kg Ch to £1255 and 530kg Ch to £1170. L Donnelly, Galbally 530kg Lim to £1195. D Moore, Kesh 610kg AA to £1160 and 550kg Au to £1150. S Heenan, Fintona 570kg Ch to £1150. M J Keys, Clogher 580kg Ch to £1150.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: K F McDonnell, Fivemiletown 480kg Lim to £1110 and 450kg Lim to £1060. J Morris, Omagh 460kg Ch to £1095. R J Keenan, Fivemiletown 470kg Ch to £1085. G T and E Murphy, Tempo 490kg Ch to £1070 and 500kg Ch to £1020. M Connelly, Clogher 470kg Ch to £1050. D Moore, Kesh 470kg Au to £1045. Joe Hamill, Ballygawley 490kg Daq to £1035. S Heenan, Fintona 490kg Ch to £1010. Geo Elliott, Magheraveely 500kg AA to £990. Lisbellaw producer 460kg Lim to £965. I Smith, Fivemiletown 470kg Lim to £945.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: R Ward, Sixmilecross 380kg Lim to £945. B Carey, Rosslea 390kg Ch to £900, 380kg Lim to £885, 380kg Lim to £845, W J and D Fee, Brookeborough 400kg Lim to £880. Lisbellaw producer 390kg Ch to £790 and 340kg Lim to £740. R J Keenan, Fivemiletown 380kg Ch to £790. J Morris, Omagh 380kg Lim to £780. A Short, Omagh 370kg Lim to £770. Clogher producer 360kg Sim to £700.

WEANLINGS: A very sharp demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to £1125 for a 530kg Ch and £1000 for a 480kg Ch for Liam Johnston, Tempo. T J Aiken, Kesh sold a 500kg Lim to £1070, 490kg Lim to £1040 twice and 500kg Lim to £1025. J McDonnell, Cooneen sold a 310kg Ch to £1050 and a 410kg Ch to £950. M A Flynn, Rosslea 440kg Ch to £1050 and a 380kg Ch to £950. Russell Smyton, Fivemiletown 430kg Ch to £1040 and 440kg Ch to £950. M/S I E and E S Johnston, Cookstown 420kg B/B to £965 and 380kg Lim to £925. D J Primrose, Fivemiletown 390kg Ch to £960, 380kg Lim to £950 and 450kg Ch to £940. S Mellon, Fintona 440kg Ch to £960.

WEANLING HEIFERS: W G Hoey, Fivemiletown 400kg Ch to £895. A Reilly, Rosslea 330kg Lim to £855 and 280kg Lim to £690. B Collins, Brookeborough 360kg AA to £860. S Wamsley, Kesh 350kg Lim to £840 and 350kg Lim to £700. D McManus, Roscor 320kg Ch to £830, 330kg Ch to £765, 370kg Ch to £760 and 300kg Ch to £725. F Donnelly, Omagh 380kg Ch to £800. Jason Elliott, Newtownbutler 310kg Ch to £790, 310kg Lim to £740 and 350kg Ch to £670. P G McBrien, Boho 390kg Ch to £755. Fergal Gilbride, Maguiresbridge 330kg Daq to £720. Des Irwin, Augher 370kg Lim to £710. Keady producer 350kg Lim to £700. M/S A and A Armstrong, Tempo 360kg Ch to £690. M Allen, Loughgall 310kg Lim to £680.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A good steady demand this week with R Givan, Dungannon selling a calved heifer to £1500. Keady producer calved heifer to £1500. Albert Foster, Macken £1500 for calved second calver. J G McHenry and Droghal, Lurgan £1400 for calved heifer and £1200 for calved cow. J Greaves, Derrylin £1250 for calved cow. Several others sold from £740 to £1080.

BREEDING BULLS: Russell Smyton £3000 for pedigree registered Char. R Newport £1360 for pedigree registered Lim. M McNally £1300 for pedigree Lim non registered.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: Another full house this week sold to a great demand for quality lots with B Bell, Armagh selling a heifers with bull calves to £1840, £1610 and £1540 with a heifer and heifer calf to £1500. M J McCaffery, Mackin £1680 and £1610 for heifers with bull calves. D McLaughlin, Co Londonderry £1630 for heifer and heifer calf. O P Donnelly, Augher £1520 for heifer and bull calf and £1500 for heifer and heifer calf. A large selection of other outfits sold from £1050 to £1460.

INCALF COWS & HEIFERS: R Harkness Crumlin £1640, £1430, £1400 and £1260. B McEntee, Newtownbutler £1610, £1600, £1510. Special entry Saturday, February 18 cows and calves and springing heifers.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: Another good selection sold readily with bull calves (under two months) selling to £340 for a Daq to Wm Brown, Magherafelt. O Mitchell, Eskra £300 for AA and £270 for B/B. Mountview Cattle, Galbally £300 and £275 for Daqs. W H Stockdale, Clogher £295 and £275 for B/Bs. A Coote, Ballygawley £290 for AA. Lisbellaw producer £280 for B/B. T Maguire, Derrylin £270 for Lim.

HEIFERS: D A Wilson, Killyman £455 for B/B. Alister Coote, Ballygawley £280 for Lim. W H Stockdale, Clogher £275 for B/B. Derek Armstrong, Beragh £270 and £250 for Lims

REARED BULL CALVES: E and M Slevin, Omagh £680, £665 and £640 for Chars and £645 for Sim. G Millar, Augher 670 for Ch. P Slevin, Omagh £665 for Ch, £595 for Daq, £560 for Lim. R Crawford, Augher £650 and £580 for Lims. M Boyle, Cooneen £585 for Lim. H Elliott, Derrygonnelly £545 for Ch. A and A Maguire, Rosslea £545 twice for Chars.

REARED HEIFERS: R Crawford, Augher 730 for Ch. T Simpson, Ederney £730 and £465 for Herefords. P Slevin, Omagh £670 for Ch. E and M Slevin, Omagh £545 for Ch. M and Ger Monaghan, Augher £530 for Lim and £450 for AA. S McConnell, Clogher £510 for B/B. D Foy, Cooneen £500 for Daq and £435 for Ch. Heather Elliott, Derrygonnelly £490 for Ch. G Millar, Augher £465 for Ch. K O Talbot, Coalisland £455 for Ch. Geo McWhirter, Markethill £425 and £380 for AAs and £390 for Hereford.