Strong demand for cattle at Clogher mart

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Another strong demand was reported for 1127 Cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week.

In the Fatstock Ring beef cows sold to £209 for a 840kg B/B. Totalling £1755-60. 660kg B/B. to £197. £192 for a 740kg Daq. and £192 for a 710kg Daq. Cow Heifers sold to £207 for a 550kg Lim. £206 for a 500kg Lim. £202 for a 540kg B/B. and £194 for a 570kg Lim. Friesian Cows sold £132 for 730kg.

Top twenty average this week for Cows & Cow Heifers was £190.


Newry Producer 840kg B/B. to £209. Lisnaskea Producer 550kg Lim. to £207. Sion mills Producer 500kg Lim. to £206. Tempo Producer 540kg B/B. to £202. Kilkeel Producer 660kg B/B. to £197 and 680kg Lim. to £175. Beragh Producer 570kg Limm. to £194. Donaghmore Producer 740kg Daq. to £192 and 710kg Daq. to £192. Omagh Producer 690kg B/B. to £190. Clogher Producer 540kg B/B. to £190. Dunmoyle Producer 500kg Lim. to £185. Ballygawley Producer 500kg Daq. to £184. Warrenpoint Producer 560kg Lim. to £181. Cooneen Producer 590kg Ch. to £180. Aughnacloy Producer 630kg Ch. to £178. Aughnacloy Producer 710kg Sim. to £178. Loughgall Producer 790kg Lim. to £174. Clogher Producer 660kg Lim. to £172. Kilrea Producer 760kg B/B. to £172.

Other quality lots sold from £140 to £170.

Second quality lots sold from £114 to £137 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £124 to £132 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £86 to £108 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £57 to £79 per 100kg.


900kg Lim. to £152. 900kg Lim. to £147. 960kg Sim. to £141. 850kg Sim. to £129. 1000kg Fkv. to £110.

Newtownstewart Producer 500kg Ch. to £221. 530kg Ch. to £215. 500kg Sim. to £212. 480kg Ch. to £208. 530kg Ch. to £198. Dungannon Producer 620kg Lim. to £197. Dungannon Producer 780kg Lim.

FAT HEIFERS (underage)

560kg Sim. to £194. 570kg Ch. to £194. 530kg Lim. to £192. 540kg Sim. to £191. 620kg Her. to £188. 600kg AA. to £188. 590kg Sim. to £183. 440kg AA. to £175. 540kg Ch. to £163. 520kg Hol. to £133.


Med weight stores 410KG TO 500KG

Nigel Cochrane Portadown 440kg Ch. to £1130 (£256), and £410kg Lim. to £1000. M & B O Hanlon Clogher 480kg Lim. to £1130, 480kg Ch. to £1110, 490kg Ch. to £1100, and 480kg Ch. to £1100. Des Capper Portadown 500kg Lim. to £1095. F S Quinn Dungannon 490kg Ch. to £1095, and 500kg Ch. to £1025. G P O Neill Lurgan 490kg Ch. to £1090, 480kg Sim. to £1040 and 480kg Ch. to £1010. C Beagan Clogher 490kg Ch. to £1070. P J McCullagh Omagh 470kg Lim. to £1060. P McCaughey Clogher 460kg Lim. to £1025.

Nigel Cochrane Portadown 400kg Lim. to £1000(£250) and 350kg Lim. to £885. M/S N & D Black Cookstown 320kg Ch. to £970 (£303) and 350kg Ch. to £920 (£263). E A Black Cookstown 350kg Ch. to £790. K Hopper Cookstown 350kg S/H. to £760 and 330kg B/B. to £750. R McManus Newtownbutler 310kg AA. to £655, 290kg AA. to £640, 290kg AA. to £600, 310kg AA. to £600, and 290kg AA. to £580. H B Cuddy Dungannon 350kg Fr. to £540.


A very sound trade in this week with forward lots selling to £1600 for a 650kg Lim. (£246) and 680kg Ch. to £1565 (£230) for T Gorman Ballygawley. E Greenaway Dungannon 640kg Ch. to £1420 (£221) 650kg Ch. to £1405 and 630kg Ch. to £1290. E Nugent Dungannon 640kg AA. to £1410 (£220) and 580kg Ch. to £1320 (£227). R Keenan Fivemiletown 600kg Lim. to £1380 and 540kg Lim. to £1275. Geo Potts Dungannon 580kg Ch. to £1370, 590kg Lim. to £1365, 580kg Lim. to £1330 and 580kg Lim. to £1270. P L Haugh Birches 570kg Lim. to £1325, 560kg Ch. to £1290, and 570kg Lim. to £1275. P & R Conroy Ballygawley 610kg Lim. to £1310. L Morris Coalisland 570kg Ch. to £1260.


H Keys Fivemiletown 500kg Ch. to £1150 and 490kg Lim. to £1020. Beragh Producer 490kg Lim. to £1070 and 470kg Ch. to £970 E Nugent Dungannon 490kg Ch. to £1060 and 470kg Ch. to £1050. R J Keenan Fivemiletown 480kg Lim. to £1045. Coalisland Producer 470kg Lim. to £980, 450kg AA. to £980, and 430kg Lim. to £935. Geo Irvine Augher 440kg Ch. to £970. E Fee Fivemiletown 460kg Ch. to £935. S Swain Dungannon 410kg B/B. to £900 and 460kg B/B. to £865. T Liggett Caledon 430kg Ch. to £870.


J J Moane Cooneen 400kg Lim. to £915. N & D Black Cookstown 390kg Ch. to £800 and 370kg Ch. to £660. R Farrell Fivemiletown 400kg Lim. to £800, 380kg Lim. to £795 and 350kg Lim. to £710. B Kelly Omagh 330kg Lim. to £740. G Irvine Augher 350kg Lim. to £740. K Hopper Cookstown 340kg Lim. to £735. M N Mone Keady 320kg Daq. to £660 350kg Daq. to £635, 320kg B/B. to £630, and 350kg Lim. to £625.


A seasonal entry produced a strong demand with Steers & Bulls selling to £1125 for a 450kg Lim. (£250) 420kg Ch. to £1060 (£252), and 420kg Lim. to £1025 for J McSorley Beragh. a Co. Down Producer sold a 440kg Ch. to £1050, 400kg Ch. to £960, 420kg Ch. to £960, 410kg Ch. to £950, 420kg Ch. to £950, 420kg Ch. to £935, 400kg Ch. to £905, 390kg Ch. to £900, and 390kg Ch. to £885. M McCanney Dromore 530kg Ch. to £1040. A Traynor Tempo 480kg Lim. to £960. P J Hughes Keady 430kg Lim. to £945 and 460kg Lim. to £885. N Mulholland Glenavy 410kg B/B. to £900. E Askin Ballygawley 390kg Lim. to £890. Deerpark Collections Kesh 340kg Ch. to £890. H McGowan Fivemiletown 390kg Ch. to £885.


Co. Down Producer 410kg Ch. to £935, 370kg Lim. to £935, 400kg Lim. to £890, and 380kg Ch. to £870. K McCrumlish Omagh 400kg Ch. to £880, 390kg Ch. to £805, 340kg Ch. to £800 and 350kg Ch. to £795. J McDonnell Cooneen 370kg Ch. to £880. C McDonnell Brookeborough 400kg Ch. to £860,320kg Ch. to £805, and 310kg Ch. to £795. Tempo Producer 340kg Lim. to £825, 340kg Lim. to £820, and 350kg Lim. to £815. J Timoney Plumbridge 330kg Lim. to £825.Deerpark Collections Kesh 360kg Sim. to £800.


A very sharp demand this week with Barry McStravick Craigavon selling Calved Heifers to £1830 and £1600. Dungannon Producer £1620 for Calved Heifer. T D Doak Omagh £1390 and £1360 for Calved Heifers. J Greaves Derrylin £1200 for Calved S/Horn Heifer. Several older Calved Cows sold from £640 to £1090. for sale Saturday 12th August 2 A.I. Genus bred Maiden Heifers ready for service


A smaller turnout this week sold to a brisk demand with M/S P P , MS K Gormley Donemana selling an 08 Cow & Heifer Calf to £1735. J Rooney Cooneen £1600 for 05 Cow & Bull Calf. Mervyn Hawe Dungannon £1540 for Heifer & Bull Calf, £1400 and £1300 for Heifers with Heifer Calves. Pomeroy Producer £1500 for Heifer & Bull Calf and £1400 for Heifer and Heifer Calf. I A Elliott Blaney £1475 and £1455 for Heifers with Bull Calves. F G Flynn Fivemiletown £1465 for Heifer & Bull Calf £1420 and £1380 for Heifers with Heifer Calves. Geo Benson Donaghmore £1385 for 09 Cow & Bull Calf and £1380 for 06 Cow & Bull Calf. B O Hara Coagh Cookstown £1370 for 2012 Cow & Bull Calf and £1260 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. Several other outfits solf from £890 to £1200.

Next Saturday 12th August Dispersal sale of Pedigree Reg & Non Reg Semmintal Cows with Calves at foot also six Ped. Reg Limm Cows with strong calves at foot and scanned back in calf again to Ped Limm Bull


Another large entry sold easily to a very keen demand with B McSorley Fintona selling Chars to £630 and £520.

Mountview Cattle Dungannon £605 for B/B. and £490 for AA. D McFarland Omagh £510 for Ch. C O Donnell Brookeborough £500 and £485 for Chars. E & A Buchannon Castlederg £450, £365, and £355 three times for Simms.


J O Donnell Cooneen £550 for Ch. M/S E & A Thompson Tempo £415 for Sim. S Foy Fivemiletown J McDonnell Cooneen £550 for Ch. £355 for AAs.


E Kelly Augher £785 for Limm. B McCrory Pomeroy £720 and £580 for Chars. £680 for Her. and £575 for Lim. Clogher Producer £665 for Ch. B McStravick Craigavon £640 for Lim. E Conroy Killyman £630 for Shb. M Rafferty Cappagh £625 for Lim. Mountview Cattle Dungannon £620 for Ch. G Munroe Carrickmore £585 for Sim. L Kelly Omagh £550 for Ch. Clogher Producer £550 for AA.


B McCrory Pomeroy £640, £615 and £560 for Daqs. E Conroy Killyman £585 for Ch. H Crawford Fintona £575 and £510 for Chars. C McDonnell Brookeborough £565 for Ch. Derek Farrell Fivemiletown £555 twice for Limms. Clogher Producer £500 for Sim. Omagh Producer £490 and £480 for AAs. D D Smyth Birches £460 and £420 for Brbs.