Strong demand for quality cattle at Clogher Mart

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A great entry of 1,232 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart this week producing a very strong demand for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock ring cow heifers topped £219 for a 640kg Lim, £208 for a 640kg Lim, £207 for a 650kg Ch and £203 for a 500kg Lim.

Beef cows sold to £206 for a 760kg Lim, £198 for a 710kg Lim, £192 for a 660kg Sim and £190 for a 860kg Ch.

Friesian cows peaked at £186 per 100kg and Ayrshire cows sold to £179 per 100kg.

Top 20 average for cows and cow heifers was £190 per 100kg.


Omagh producer 640kg Lim to £219. Cookstown producer 640kg Lim to £208. Ballygawley producer 650kg Ch to £207. Tempo producer 760kg Lim to £206. Fintona producer 500kg Lim to £203. Clogher producer 710kg Ch to £208. Maguiresbridge producer 650kg Lim to £197. Boho producer 550kg Lim to £195. Portadown producer 660kg Sim to £192. Stewartstown producer 860kg Ch to £190 and 800kg Lim to £188. Fermanagh producer 630kg Daq to £189. Derrylin producer 500kg Lim to £188. Swatragh producer 630kg Ch to £188. Ballygawley producer 530kg Hol to £186 and 520kg Lim to £184. Lisnaskea producer 630kg Ch to £184. Augher producer 590kg Sim to £180. Eskra producer 500kg Ayr to £179.

Other quality lots sold from £140 to £176 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £118 to £138 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £130 to £138 peaked at £186 for 530kg.

Plainer lots sold from £90 to £112 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £68 to £87 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 1,040 Ch to £179. 990kg Lim to £149. 1,060kg Friesian to £146. 950kg Lim to £146. 850kg Lim to £145. 890kg Sal to £145. 960kg Ch to £144. 1,230kg Ch to £142. 1,240kg Ch to £138. 820kg Ch to £138. 1,300kg AA to £130. 970kg Her to £123.

FAT STEERS (overage): 830kg Ch to £192. 640kg Ch to £190. 680kg Lim to £187. 640kg Lim to £186. 870kg Friesian to £162.

FAT STEERS (underage): 70kg Lim to £230. 490kg Lim to £206. 450kg Lim to £206. 450kg S/h to £206. 490kg Lim to £206. 500kg Lim to £206. 610kg B/B to £198. 570kg Daq to £198. 630kg Lim to £193. 710kg Lim to £183. 590kg Fkv to £183. 520kg Hereford to £180. 610kg Hol to £175.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 600kg AA to £215. 470kg Lim to £213. 510kg AA to £206. 640kg Ch to £204. 600kg Hereford to £194. 580kg Lim to £192. 540kg AA to £189. 500kg Ch to £188. 700kg Ch to £187. 510kg Ch to £184. 610kg Ch to £180. 600kg Friesian to £172. 610kg Friesian to £152. 550kg Friesian to £144.

STORE BULLOCKS: Strong prices reported this week again with forward lots selling to £1,525 for a 740kg Ch £700kg Ch to £1,515, £1,500 for a 730kg Ch and £1,425 for a 640kg Lim to R Sands, Newry. D D and E McElroy, Clogher sold 660kg Ch to £1,460, 590kg Ch to £1,365, 560kg Ch to £1,320 and 540kg Ch to £1,250. K Cullinan, Fivemiletown 660kg Ch to £1,400. J Jardine, Aughnacloy 770kg Her to £1,370 and 770kg Hereford to £1,370. K P Donnelly, Stewartstown 650kg Lim to £1,360. M Shortt, Clogher 600kg Lim to £1,310 and 570kg Sim to £1,260. I S Farrell, Fivemiletown 630kg Ch to £1,300, 610kg Ch to £1,295, 630kg Ch to £1,290. O Jeffers, Coagh 600kg Ch to £1,255. N Brannigan, Armagh 600kg AA to £1,250. S McConville, Portadown 570kg AA to £1,245.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: M Beattie, Fivemiletown 490kg Ch to £1,230, 500kg Ch to £1,100, 460kg Ch to £1,075, 440kg Ch to £1,065, 420kg Ch to £1,020 and 470kg Ch to £1,000. D D and E McElroy, Clogher 500kg Ch to £1,210. G Steen, Dungannon 500kg Ch to £1,125, 500kg Ch to £1,050. D Maguire, Rosslea 470kg Ch to £1,095. A J McKenna, Dungannon 460kg Ch to £1,085, 460kg Lim to £1,015 and 430kg Lim to £990. J Morrison, Dungiven 470kg Lim to £1,065. G Moane, Cooneen 490kg Ch to £1,000.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: D Maguire, Rosslea 390kg Ch to £1,020, 390kg Ch to £1,005, 400kg Ch to £990 and 340kg Ch to £895. P Connelly, Coalisland 310kg Hereford to £665, 340kg Hereford to £635, 330kg Hereford to £615. A selection of Friesians sold from £420 to £440.

STORE HEIFERS: A seasonal entry sold easily to a brisk demand with strong stores selling to £1,350 for a 650kg Ch, £1,305 for a 620kg Ch, £1,175 for a 640kg Ch and £990 for a 520kg Hereford to M J Keys, Clogher. J Black, Ballygawley £1,220 for a 590kg Ch and £1,140 for a 590kg Ch. J McGrath, Coalisland £1,200 for a 580kg Ch, £1160 for a 560kg Ch and £1,150 for a 550kg Ch. Clogher producer £1,160 for a 580kg Hereford, £1,130 for a 570kg Ch, £1,080 for a 590kg Hereford and £1,010 for a 510kg Hereford. J Black, Ballygawley 590kg Ch to £1,220 and £1,140 for a 590kg Ch.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: R Giles, Beragh 480kg AA to £1,125, 500kg AA to £980 and 480kg AA to £905. J D McCabe, Omagh 490kg Ch to £1,115. G Morrow, Fivemiletown 470kg Lim to £1,070 and 420kg Ch to £895. M McNamee, Keady 470kg B/B to £1,030. R W Willis, Derrylin 480kg Ch to £1,010 and 490kg Hereford to £935. S J Kelly, Dungannon 480kg AA to £1,000 and 450kg AA to £940. F J Coulter, Tempo 470kg Ch to £960 and 440kg Ch to £910. B McGrenaghan, Trillick 430kg Lim to £955 and 450kg Ch to £855. Clogher producer 460kg Ch to £925. D Farrell, Fivemiletown 430kg Ch to £895. P Connelly, Coalisland 430kg Ch to £890. M Donnelly, Loughgall 410kg Lim to £850. M N Mone, Keady 460kg Sim to £850.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: D Farrell, Fivemiletown 400kg Lim to £910, 380kg Ch to £870, 370kg Ch to £825, 350kg Ch to £820, 380kg Ch to £820, 390kg Daq to £800, 360kg Sim to £790, 340kg Sim to £775, 360kg Lim to £770, 380kg Sim to £770, 330kg Lim to £760, 340kg Lim to £750, 300kg Lim to £715 and £670 for a 300kg Ch. R W Willis, Derrylin 390kg Ch to £760. D McManus, Roscor 380kg Ch to £745. M McNamee, Keady 380kg B/B to £720.

WEANLINGS: Very keen demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to £1,025 for a 380kg Ch, £1,025 for a 410kg Ch, £1,015 for a 360kg Ch £1,005 for a 390kg Ch, £1,000 for a 370kg Ch, 380kg Ch to £940, £935 for a 380kg Ch, £935 for a 360kg Lim, £925 for a 340kg Ch and £915 for a 370kg Lim to a Co Down producer. A Shortt, Omagh 520kg Ch to £1,010. S McGirr, Ballygawley 400kg Sim to £970, 340kg Lim to £960, £935 for a 440kg Sim and £930 for a 360kg Lim. Barrick Hill Farms Ltd, Galbally 360kg Lim to £955. J Rodgers, Beragh 430kg Ch to £950 and 460kg Ch to £940. Paul Hughes, Benburb 400kg Sim to £905. J Meenan, Clogher 420kg Hereford to £915.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Roly Domer, Clogher 470kg Ch to £1,060 and 330kg Ch to £800. T and D Rafferty, Cappagh 350kg Daq to £955 and 350kg Daq to £890. F McGirr, Fintona 300kg Lim to £890. R Watson, Fivemiletown 330kg Ch to £870 and 320kg Lim to £800. Tempo producer 330kg Lim to £820 and 340kg Lim to £815. Kesh producer 280kg B/B to £820 and 300kg Lim to £815. D and S and B McAleer, Rosslea 350kg Lim to £810. N Mallon, Dungannon 310kg Lim to £810 and 310kg Lim to £790. Deerpark Collections Ltd, Kesh 350kg Lim to £800. J Rodgers, Beragh 350kg Ch to £790. Walter Hogg, Fivemiletown 370kg Ch to £760. M Rafferty, Cappagh 380kg Lim to £760. J McCrory, Cookstown 330kg Daq to £755.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A larger entry sold to a keen demand with a Ballygawley producer selling calved heifers to £1,520 and £1,500. R Givan, Dungannon sold calved heifers to £1,500, £1,480 and £1,470. Dickson Orr, Benburb £1,470 and £1,300 for calved heifers. Benburb producer £1,350 twice for calved heifers.Calved cows sold to £990 for E Kelly, Dungannon. A selection of maiden heifers (Ayr) sold from £565 to £610.

BREEDING BULLS: Kyle Pickering £1,910 for pedigree registered Simmental (born 14/12/14) J Quinn £1500 for pedigree non registered Char (born 21/06/16). G Wilson £1,350 for pedigree registered Simmental (born 03/03/16).

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: The largest entry this year so far 126 lots in total sold to a good steady demand with D Tumelty, Downpatrick selling a Friesian cow with three calves at foot (two heifers and one bull ) to £1,805. G N Daly, Pomeroy £1,750 for heifer and heifer calf and £1,640 for second calver and bull calf. M Mohan, Lisnaskea £1,620 for 2009 cow and heifer calf. G Hazelton, Brookeborough £1,600 for 2011 cow and bull calf. M J McLaughlin, Irvinestown £1,525 for 2012 cow and bull calf, £1,450 and £1,355 for 2012 cows and heifer calves and £1,400 for 2012 cow and bull calf. P B Kelly, Omagh £1,500 for heifer and bull calf and £1,480 and £1,460 for heifers with heifer calves. A McGovern, Fivemiletown £1,500 for heifer and bull calf and £1,360 for heifer and heifer calf. G and D Johnston, Lisnaskea £1,490 for 2012 cow and heifer calf, £1325 for heifer and bull calf and £1,305 for 2006 cow and bull calf. S McDonnell, Omagh £1,460 for 2009 cow and bull calf. D and J Noble, Ballinamallard £1,390 for heifer and steer calf. B McGartland, Dungannon £1,345 for heifer and bull calf. Lots of others sold from £940 to £1,300. Incalf cows and heifers sold £1,470 three times for R E Crozier, Fermanagh. Omagh producer £1,150. Augher producer £1,100 and £995.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: 252 lots in this section sold easily to a very keen demand with bull calves (under two months) selling to £560 for Ch to H Crudden, Magheraveely. Augher producer £560 and £415 for Lims and £450 for S/H. S Cassidy, Fintona £480 for Ch. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £475 for Ch. H Elliott, Fermanagh £445 for Ch. J Daly, Dungannon £440 for Sim. M J Mullen, Omagh £375 for Ch. E Crawford, Stewartstown £375 for AA.

HEIFER CALVES: S Cassidy, Fintona £555 for Ch. K Beattie, Lisnaskea £540 for Lim. J Burke, Derrylin £450 for Ch. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £405 for Lim and £400 for Char. J McManus, Derrylin £400 for Char.

REARED BULLS: B Reihill, Lisnaskea £750 for B/B. E and P Hughes, Augher £650, £575 and £570 for Herefords. P D McGartland, Dungannon £630 for Lim. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £570 for AA. H Young, Castlederg £570 for B/B. H Crudden, Magheraveely £560 for Ch. H Williamson, Fivemiletown £560 for Ch. A and A Maguire, Rosslea £555 for Sal. K Beattie, Lisnaskea £545 for Lim. F McGirr, Fintona £540 for Ch.

REARED HEIFERS: R Domer, Clogher £775 and £650 for Shbs. P J McMenamin, Drumquin £730, £680 and £650 for S/horns and £660 and £600 for Her. K Beattie, Lisnaskea £660 for Sim and £640 for Shb. R Totten, Lisburn £655 for Ch. D Beattie, Newtownbutler £650 for Her. A and A Maguire, Rosslea £570 for Ch. J Daly, Dungannon £560 for Ch. B McKernan, Derrynoose £555 for Lim.