Strong trade for all sheep at Raphoe Livestock Mart

Raphoe Mart
Raphoe Mart

There were plenty of buyers present at Raphoe Mart with strong trade for all sheep.

Lambs sold at: €65 to €75 for 30-34kg, €75 to €85 for 34-37kg, €85 to €95 for 37-43kg, €95 to €105 for 43-50kg, €105 to €117 for 50-55kg.

Ewes with 1 lamb sold at €160 to €180.

Ewes with 2 lambs sold at €220 to €250.

Dry ewes sold from €60 to a high of €136.

Top prices: 35kg - €85, 39kg - €92, 44kg - €100, 48kg - €108.50, 51kg - €117.

Cattle sale Thursday 1st February 2018: Top class bulls over 600kgs - €715 to €850 over, beef bullocks - €600 to €902 over, store bullocks - €410 to €909 over, beef heifers - €500 to €985 over, store heifers - €350 to €710 over, dry cows - €625 to €1,565 each.

Another large entry of cattle at Raphoe Mart on Thursday 1st February.

Cattle met a lively trade around the ringside with trade driven by feedlot buyers and farmers for stronger forward type stores. Agents and farmers all anxious to purchase smaller types.

Bullocks sold from €2.00/kg to €2.70/kg.

Bulls sold from €2.00/kg to €3.03/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.10/kg to €2.80/kg.

Fat Cows sold from €625/head to €1,565/head.

Special lots for sale on Monday 5th February 2018 in conjunction with the usual sheep sale:

60 springing ewes - Texel/Suffolk cross coming to Texel/Suffolk ram from 15th March onwards.

Also clearance sale of 29 ewes with lambs at foot - Suffolk and Texel.

Regular sales:

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle every Thursday at 11am.