Strong trade for all types of sheep at Gortin Mart

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A strong trade in all sheep sections at Gortin on Monday night.

FAT LAMBS: R Clarke £103/25.8kgs, P Vincent £100/25kgs, R McPhillimy £99/26.3kgs, N AND R Thom £98.80/24.20kgs, K Johnston £97.00/24.5kgs, C McLaughlin £97.00/24kgs, M Brennan £97.00/23kgs, A Kelly £96.50/23kgs, W McElmurray £96.00/23.1kgs, E Cartwright £95.50/24kgs, H Wilson £95.20/24kgs, J Kerlin £95/19.9kgs, D O’Hagan £95/22.6kgs, E Cartwright £95/22.6kgs Gorthill Farms Ltd £94.50/21.2kgs, G Rankin £94.00/21kgs £93.50/21.8kgs, J Chivers £94/21.30kgs, J Foster £93/19.9kgs, C McGarvey £92/21.5kgs, R McTeague £90/20kgs, A Davidson £90.00/22.5kgs, M McGlade £90.00/20.3kgs, P Conway £90/20.2kgs, S Lindsay £90.00/20kgs.

Fat ewes: Fat ewes sold to £90.50 for C McGarvey.

Ewes and lambs: M McGlade £222, E Steele £200 and R Bowden £170.