Strong trade for cattle and sheep at Lisahally Mart

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Another excellent entry of stock on Wednesday sold to a strong trade.

Prices as follows


John Young £1,270/690kg, Joseph Cunningham £1,190/620kg, £1,150/600kg, £1,150/600kg, John Young £1,140/620kg, Michael McHenry £1,000/540kg, C O’Hara £970/580kg, S Gilmore £970/580kg, £950/420kg, £940/410kg, William Buchanan £960/500kg, Raymond Matthews £955/580kg, M McCombe £945/410kg, Gary Edgar £930/380kg, William Buchanan £930/510kg, Raymond Matthews £910/590kg, £885/580kg, £870/590kg, £860/560kg, £850/570kg, £830/570kg, £705/490kg, C O’Hara £895/590kg, £865/570kg, £825/550kg, £805/520kg, Gary Edgar £875/400kg, Michael McHenry £865/460kg and James Neely £630/350kg, £595/310kg, £550/280kg, £530/270kg.


Jonathan Cairns £1,125/580kg, John M Connell £1,105/590kg, £1,090/570kg, £1,010/520kg, Joseph Cunningham £1,080/610kg, William Smyth £1,055/540kg, Jonathan Cairns £1,000/500kg, £955/490kg, £930/520kg, £930/480kg, £915/480kg, George Hamilton £985/560kg, Mervyn McCombe £980/460kg, £955/430kg, John M Connell £955/580kg, £940/560kg, William Buchanan £925/490kg, £910/560kg, £860/470kg, £855/520kg, £850/530kg, Mervyn McCombe £925/480kg, £900/460kg, £895/410kg, £870/470kg, George Hamilton £920/520kg, £915/520kg, £915/510kg, William Smyth £885/540kg, £880/540kg, Jonathan Cairns £850/470kg, M McCombe £840/430kg and John Beattie £820/460kg.

Fat lambs sell to £102.80 on Tuesday with a strong trade also for store lambs reaching £83.50.

Fat ewes selling ton £107 and inlamb ewes selling to £150.


Robert Lowry £102.80/30kg, Michael O’Hara £102.80/28kg, R Lowry £101.50/26kg,£100.50/29kg, Liam Bryson £101/27kg, Fergal Gormley £100.80/26kg, J P Magill £100/32kg, John Killen £100/31kg, N O’Brien £100/26kg, H McCollum £98.80/24kg, Robert Lowry £97/25kg, Christopher O’Neill £97/26kg, Gareth Tracey £97/23kg, Claudy farmer £95/28kg, £93.50/25kg, Norman McFarland £93.50/22kg, J P Magill £92/21kg, A and B Douglas £91/23kg, Benny Lynch £89/21kg, £89/21kg, Kieran Quigg £88/23kg, R Gurney £88/22kg and John Dodds £87.50/21kg.

R Doran £83.50/19kg, S Cassidy £83.50, Norman McFarland £83, A and B Douglas £83, Eoin Lynch £80.50, S Cassidy £78, Benny Lynch £76.50, Norman McFarland £71, A and B Douglas £71, £67, Ryan Doran £69 and Benny Lynch £66.50, £65.


R and G Hamilton £107, James O’Hagan £96, Liam Bryson £90, Arthur Rainey £86, S and J Mullan £85, Gareth Tracey £85, A Patterson £84, John McDevitt £82, A Patterson £80, Eric Ballantine £79.50, Patrick Brolly £79, A and B Douglas £78.50, David Smyth £77, Kelly Farms £77, D Smyth £77 and S Moore £77, £75.


Limavady farmer £150, £150, £150, £148, £148 and £145.