Strong trade for cattle at Draperstown

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Overall there was a very strong trade at Draperstown on Friday. Bullocks sold to £1545/840kg, Heifers £1230/610kg, Weanlings up to £960, Cows & Calves £1620 and Fat Cows £1293.60/840kg.

BULLOCKS: Fergus Ferguson £1545/840kg, £1535/790kg,John Downey £1370/590kg, £1360/660kg, £1350/610kg, £1345/660kg, £1315/620kg, Harold Sinclair £1320/660kg, £1275/610kg, John Gourley £1300/650kg, William Johnston £1300/660kg, Harold Sinclair £1275/610kg, William Moore £1270/56kg, £1265/560kg, £1200/600kg, £1135/540kg, £1105/490kg, £1105/500kg, John Downey £1270/590kg, Olive Henderson £1240/610kg, £1100/540kg, John Downey £1200/560kg, William Johnston £1140/570kg, £1090/560kg, Eric Dallas £1125/540kg, Ivan Riddle £1095/540kg, £1090/480kg, Thomas Kelly £1090/530KG, £1040/500KG,John Downey £1070/560kg, Ivan Riddle £1040/480kg,

HEIFERS: Cyril Quinn £1230/610kg, Vivan Black £1165/490kg, William Moore £1130/590kg, William McGurk £1085/570kg,£1070/540kg, £1065/520kg, William McGurk £1070/580kg, £1040/540kg, £1030/530kg, Vivien Black £1065/490kg, Ivan Riddle £1030/480kg, £1000/490kg, £980/480kg, £950/500kg, £910/440kg, John Gourley £1030/500kg, William Moore £995/480kg, Cyril Quinn £920/470kg, £905/480kg, £880/480kg, William Moore £895/490kg, D McKinless £880/430kg, £870/450kg, Stephen Bruce £800/480kg

WEANLINGS MALE: John Brolly £960/440kg, A Craig £820/390kg, Bernard & Collette McKeever £780/360kg, £760/330kg, A Craig £750/330kg, Joe McWilliams £600/330kg

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Kathleen McCloskey £715/330kg, £710/340kg, £635/290kg, Michael McCann £570/240kg, Seamus OHagan £540/280kg, £505/290kg

FAT COWS: Jude Martin £1293.60/840kg, Bernard & Colette £1188/720kg, RJ Ramsey £1156.40/590kg, £1100/550kg, S Bradely £1054/620kg, Jude Martin £1013.80/740kg, Kevin Martin £979.20/680kg, S Moore £952.20/690kg, £892.80/620kg, Vivien Black £894.60/630kg, B & G ONeill £889.20/570kg, Jude Martin £854/610kg, John Brolly £849.40/620kg, Vivian Black £837.90/570kg, Alan Orr £792/550kg, £780/600kg, S Bradley £786.50/650kg, £711.20/560kg, Michael Lagan £696/580kg, J Black £685/500kg, Jim Harkness £678.30/570kg, S Bradley £669.60/540kg, John Brolly £660/590kg, B & G ONeill £657.90/510kg, Samuel McCullagh £654.90/590kg, Robert Davis £649/590kg, £642/600kg.