Strong trade For cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

45201AMC.'Rathfriland Farmers' Co-op has spacious surroundings.
45201AMC.'Rathfriland Farmers' Co-op has spacious surroundings.

At Rathfriland Co-Op there was an exceptional strong trade for cattle last Friday with 100 bullocks selling to 220p/k for a 480k Angus at £1,065.

This pen of Angus bullocks averaged £1,040 each.

The trade for Friesian bullocks was exceptional with a 580k at £990 or £410 over the weight.

122 weanlings were a flying trade to £1,040 for a 416k male and £880 for a 426k female.

A top pence per kilo of 308p was paid for a 172k Ch at £550 from a Moira farm.

A Kilkeel farmer sold a 230k male Ch at £630 or 274p/k.

Store heifer sold to £1,105 twice for a 494k Lim from Ballyward and 508k Lim from Dromara.

Breeding bulls sold to £1,200 for a 15 month Lim from Drumaness.

Fat cows sold to £1,060 for a 698k lot from Annalong.

Dropped calves cleared to £430 for bulls from Annalong and £400 for females from Hilltown.

DROPPED CALVES: Annalong farmer: BB Bulls £430, Lim bull £320. Hilltown farmer: EA heifer £400. Castlewellan farmer: Angus bull £415. Loughbrickland farmer: Hereford bulls £265 and £245. Dechoment farmer: Hereford heifer £365. Annalong farmer: heifers £340, £305 and £220. Saintfield farmer: Lim bull £240. Jerrettspass farmer: Friesian bulls to £200.

WEANLINGS: Kilkeel farmer: 230k at £630 and 266k at 660. Moira farmer: 172k at £530 or 308p/k, 282k at £730 or 259p/k, 176k at £490 or 278p/k, 368k at £900 or 245p/k. Castlewellan farmer: 428k at £900. Leitrim farmer: 344k at £890, 382k at £845, 358k at £840, 344k at £795, 402k at £790. Ballyward farmer: 356k at £795, 304k at £775, 350k at £750. Ballyveamore farmer: 426k at £880, 388k at £740. Kilkeel farmer: 416k at £1,040, 408k at £900. Loughorne farmer: 390k at £830, 426k at 800.

HEIFERS: Ballyward farmer: 494k at £1,105. Dromara farmer: 508k at £1,105. Rathfriland farmer: 560k at £1,050. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 502k at £960, 468k at £850, 430k at £935. Dechoment farmer: 448k at £950, 432k at £950. Benraw farmer: 492k at £950. Second Dechoment farmer: 536k at £940.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS AND BULLS: £1,200 for a 15 month old Lim bull from Drumaness. 698k Lim cow at £1,060, 680k at £950, 600k at £780 etc.

BULLOCKS: Ballyward farmer: 614k at £1,180, 590k at £1,120. Dromara farmer: 574k at £1,110, 508k at £1,085, 506k at £1,085 and 488k at £1,065. Castlewellan farmer: 474k at £1,020, 468k at £960, 480k at £890. Dromara farmer: 416k at £840, 404k at £825.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: 580k at £990, 528k at £900, 422k at £835, 318k at £480, 416k at £785, 420k at £635, 326k at £500, 504k at £800.