Suckler calves sell to £1100 at Draperstown

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Suckler calves sold to £1100 on Tuesday at the Draperstown suckler calf sale. A great display of calves sold to a strong trade.

MALE CALVES: R & S O’Kane £1100/610kg, £1030/430kg, D Wright £1000/510kg,£930/430kg, £900/430kg, R & D O’Kane £880/3390kg, Ian McAleese £960/410kg, Brian O’Neill £850/300kg, Ian McAleese £840/380kg, N & G Mullan £840/370kg, Alan Roulston £830/420kg, Phelim Devlin £830/37kg, £795/360kg, Michael Tracey £825/330kg, R & D O’Kane £820/340kg, Eugene Kelly £795/350kg, Michael Tracey £790/320kg, Alan Roulston £770/410kg, Mary Loughran £760/340kg, Eugene Kelly £750/340kg, B Hempton £750/330kg, £735/310kg, R Mawhinney £740/310kg, £705/260kg, Rose Quinn £740/300kg, R Pickering £735/310kg, J Tanney £730/330kg, £720/290kg, N & G Mullan £730/270kg, £720/320kg, E Kelly £730/310kg,£720/340kg, Michael Tracey £720/270kg, £710/270kg.

FEMALE CALVES: Brian O’Neill £780/320kg, S Moore £730/250kg, Alan Roulston £700/350kg, Brian O’Neill £695/310kg, £670/270kg, £665/270kg, Eugene Kelly £685/300kg, J Tanney £670/290kg, £670/270kg, £660/270kg, Michael Tracey £660/250kg, P Devlin £650/300kg, £650/320kg,£650/300kg, Michael Fox £650/340kg, Bridget Quinn £650/280kg, N & G Mullan £645/260kg, J Tanney £640/270kg, Rose Quinn £630/280kg, Alan Roulston £630/340kg, £600/320kg, Michael Tracey £625/240kg, Brian O’Neill £620/310kg, Kevin McDermott £600/240kg.

There was a rise in prices this week at Draperstown. Bullocks sold to £1485/760kg, Heifers £1245/580kg, Weanlings up to £1145 and Fat Cows £1470.70/770kg.

BULLOCKS: John McKeever £1485/760kg, £1415/710kg, Gary Arthur £1325/700kg, £1260/690kg, Andrew Johnston £1275/600kg, Maurice Diamond £1260/680kg, O Girvan £1250/600kg, £1245/600kg, John McKeever £1205/640kg, Henry Kearney £1205/630kg, B Girvan £1200/610kg, Gary Arthur £1200/620kg, Ivan Riddle £1190/580kg, Maurice Diamond £1175/620kg, £1120/630kg, William Hutchinson £1155/570kg, Laurance McKenna £1140/620kg, Kevin Mullin £1090/540kg, Andrew Johnston £1080/600kg, Richard McAllister £1080/480kg, Ivan Riddle £1070/580kg, William Hutchinson £1070/56kg, Alan Guy £1065/490kg, Tom Riddle £1050/480kg, Richard McAllister £1050/490kg, Ryan Mortimer £1050/490kg, Alan Guy £130/480kg, £1030/430kg, £1020/460kg, Andrew Johnston £1030/490kg, Martin Gallagher £1000/470kg.

HEIFERS: Raymond McTeague £1245/580kg, Patrick Quinn £1190/620kg, William O’Brien £1185/550kg, Laurence McKenna £1165/580kg, Ralph Pickering £1160/570kg, £1160/530kg, Barry Devlin £1155/540kg, Ivan Riddle £1155/590kg, £1150/580kg, £1120/540kg, H McCollum £1130/550kg, Barry Devlin £1120/530kg, Patrick Quinn £1090/560kg, £1075/510kg, £1070/560kg, £1070/560kg, Raymond McTeague £1090/550kg, £1070/540kg, Peter McGarrity £1080/520kg, John Bloomer £1080/510kg, William O’Brien £1065/540kg, Barry Devlin £1060/490kg, £1050/510kg, £1050/500kg, John Bloomer £1050/500kg,£130/460kg, Raymond McTeague £1040/480kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: James Boyd £1145/590kg, £1125/540kg, £1080/480kg, £1060/530kg, £935/490kg, Roisin Bradley £1145/530kg, £1120/510kg,£1070/490kg, £1020/480kg, £1010/500kg, £1005/480kg, £1000/460kg, £945/460kg, A Kelly £895/400kg, £880/450kg, Sean Slean £760/350kg, £740/270kg, £710/250kg, £690/310kg, Valerie McCrea £725/380kg, £675/370kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: John Daly £805/420kg, Terence Brogan £760/380kg, £640/350kg, James Daly £650/470kg, James Wilson £635/310kg, £510/300kg, £500/290kg, Sean Slean £600/300kg, Valerie McCrea £500/290kg, £500/300kg, £495/280kg, £495/290kg, £465/270kg, £460/280kg, £455/240kg.

FAT COWS: Michael McCullagh £1470.70/770kg, Martin McErlean £1238.40/860kg, £1200.80/760kg, Peter & Tom Rodgers £1200/750kg, P Mulgrew £1170/650kg, Michael McCullagh £1132.40/760kg, £1117.80/810kg, Peter McGarrity £1120/800kg, £986/580kg, Martin McErlean £1099/700kg, £966/700kg, B O’Kane £1066/650kg, P Mulgrew £962/740kg, G & P Campbell £952/700kg, Neil McErlean £934.80/760kg, Liam Young £920.40/590kg, £912.90/510kg,