Suckler stock sell to £1,540 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Another good entry on Friday at Rathfriland Co-Op saw suckler cows and calves sell to £1,540 for a Legananny farmer.

Fat cows sold to £1,190 for a Lisburn farmer.

A good entry of bullocks topped at 219p/k for 392k Charolais at £850 from Dromara.

A top price of £1,400 paid for 714k Charolais from Begney.

Friesian bullocks sold to £1,060, £1,055 and £1,010 from Lisnacreevy.

A big entry of heifers sold to £1,220 for 618k Charolais, 410k Limousin from Carnew sold at £1,050 or 256p/k.

105 weanlings sold to 255.6p/k for a 266k Charolais female at £680 from Kilkeel.

A Hereford male weighing 390k topped the weanling section at £820.

Over 100 dropped calves sold to £480 for a Charolais female from Ballyward.

Blue bulls to £475 from a Cascum farm.

DROPPED CALVES: Ballyward farmer: £480 for a Charolais female. Cascum farmer: £475 and £460 for bulls. Loughbrickland farmer: Charolais bull £415, Charolais female at £310. Seaforde farmer: Limousin bull at £400. Tullyniskey farmer: Hereford and Charolais bulls and heifers, £415, £390, £385, £350, £335 and Fleckvieh at £330. Lisburn farmer: Aberdeen Angus heifer at £390.

WEANLINGS: Banbridge farmer: 390k at £820. Crossmaglen farmer: 430k at £800. Kilkeel farmer: 384k at £780, 350k at £695, 290k at £680, 300k at £680, 266k at £680. Saintfield farmer: 350k at £780, 324k at £725, 280k at£700, 314k at £720, 330k at £700, 304k at £650 etc. Annaclone farmer: 3 Aberdeen Angus males, 270k at £575. Castlewellan farmer: 258k at £535. Downpatrick farmer: 10 Aberdeen Angus, 344k at £670, 336k at £640, 344k at £655.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS: A Legananny farmer topped the section with £1,540 for a Charolais cow and calf.

Fat cows sold to £1,190 for 754k blue from Lisburn with others to £900 for 690k twice from Attical and Magheragal farmers.

HEIFERS: Kilkeel farmer: 518k at £1,020, 458k at £1,010, 486k at £960, 504k at £960. Begney farmer: 618k at £1,220. Carnew farmer: 410k at £1,050, 430k at £970. Edenagarry farmer: 596k at £1,165, 568k at £1,120, 576k at £1,075, 550k at £1,010, 482k at £955. Ballyward farmer: 626k at £1,205.

BULLOCKS: Begney farmer: 714k at £1,400, 692k at £1,235. Dromara farmer: 594k at £1,185. Lisnacreevy farmer: 684k at £1,260, 690k at £1,240. Mayobridge farmer: 600k at £1,075. Dromore farmer: 392k at £860, 302k at £575, 370k at £700, 434k at £800.

Friesian bullocks: Lisnacreevy farmer: 720k at £1,060, 648k at £1,055 and 718k at £1,010. Banbridge farmer: 510k at £800, 522k at £795, 518k at £770. Tanvalley farmer: 512k at £865, 496k at £855, 460k at £690. Dromore farmer: 580k at £945, 590k at £850, 530k at £765. Mayobridge farmer: 516k at £840, 586k at £835, 490k at £735, 462k at £680, 484k at £670 etc.

**Please note from Friday, August 4th, the sale will commence at 11am sharp. Dropped calves must be penned by 10.45am at the latest.**

Largest entry of sheep this year so far on Tuesday evening saw fat lambs sell in a slightly easier trade to £91 twice. This was for two farmers from Ballyward weighing 26.4k each.

Rathfriland farmer: £90 for 27.8k. Castlewellan farmer: £89.50 for 26.9k.

Most of the heavy lots sold at over £85 per head.

Fat ewes cleared up to £94 for a Dromara farmer. Teirfergus farmer: £93. Annalong farmer: £92. Castlewellan farmer: £89 etc.

BREEDERS SALE: Almost 400 head of breeders on Monday night saw two lots reach £150 each from Rathfriland and Kilkeel farms. Hilltown farmer: £148. Ballymageough farmer: £148. Cabra farmer: £145 and £140. Castlewellan farmer: £145. Hilltown farmer: £145. Lisncareevy farmer: £145.

**Next fortnightly breeders sale is on Monday, September 4th at 7pm.**