Suckler stock sell to £1,910 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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415 head of cattle sold in a very fast trade last Friday (September 22nd) while a big entry of suckler stock sold to £1,910 for a Scarva farmer.

The bullock section stole the limelight. A top price of £1,255 was paid for 596k Charolais from Scarva with a Cabra farmer reaching 234p/k for 486k Limousin at £1,140 and 508k Lim at £1,155.

A powerful entry of fat cows sold to £1,370 or 800k lot from Ballyward.

Store heifers sold to £1,210 followed by £1,200 for a Dromara farmer.

A Begney farmer sold 596k Charolais at £1,200, 576k at £1,180 and 554k at £1,150.

Weanling calves sold to 287p/k for 284k Charolais at £790 from Cullyhanna, 263p/k for 308k Charolais at £810 from Banbridge and 260.6p/k for 284k Limousin from Dromore. A Warrenpoint farmer sold strong calves to £545 in the dropped calve section with others to £455.

DROPPED CALVES: Warrenpoint farmer: pen of Limousin bulls £545, £455, £430, £420. Rathfriland farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £445, £390, £385, £380, £375 and £340. Annaclone farmer: Shorthorn bull £330. Markethill farmer: £370. Begney farmer: £340. Lisburn farmer: £320 and £310. Ballyward farmer: £310.

WEANLINGS: Cullyhanna farmer: 284k at £790 or 278p/k, 308k at £800 or 260p/k. Banbridge farmer: 308k at £810 or 263p/k. Dromore farmer: 284k at £740 or 260.6p/k. Banbridge farmer: 390k at £735 or 253p/k, 290k at £730 or 252p/k, 320k at £800 or 250p/k. Castlewllan farmer: 300k at £760 or 253p/k, 320k at £770 or 239p/k, 414k at £960 or 232p/k. Poyntzpass farmer: 450k at £920, 420k at £865. Mayobridge farmer: 358k at £850, 370k at £850.

HEIFERS: Dromara farmer: 620k at £1,210, 616k at £1,200. Begney farmer: 596k at £1,200, 576k at £1,180, 554k at £1,150, 546k at £1,050, 522k at £1,040. Leitrim farmer: Pen of Hereford 590k at £1,060, 580k at £1,025, 550k at £940. Dromara farmer: 544k at £1,020, 570k at £1,000.

SUCKLER COWS: Scarva farmer: £1,910, £1,410, £1,100. Dromore farmer: £1,160. Rathfriland farmer: £1,090 etc.

FAT COWS: Ballyward farmer: 806k at £1,370, 670k at £990. Edenagarry farmer: 528k at £890, 554k at £750. Dromara farmer: 670k at £775, 572k at £700, 620k at £675. Holstein cows sold from £600 - £675 for 718k lot from Carnew.

BULLOCKS: Scarva farmer: 596k at £1,255, 542k at £1,160. Benraw farmer: 560k at £1,170, 534k at £1,120, 518k at £1,080. Cabra farmer: 508k at £1,155, 486k at £1,140, 516k at £1,070, 504k at £1,030. Dromara farmer: 638k at £1,120, 690k at £1,210, 618k at £1,115. Crumlin farmer: 636k at£1,180, 586k at £1,065, 628k at £1,020, 698k at £1,115. Dromore farmer: 490k at £1,115, 502k at £1,000. Ballymartin farmer: 526k at £1,145, 548k at £1,005. Ballynanny farmer: 470k at £980, 448k at £940, 454k at £900. Leitrim farmer: pen of Hereford 654k at £1,085, 574k at £1,050, 522k at £1,020.

There was a good consistent trade for sheep on Tuesday evening. While heavy Texels sold to a top of £97, the main trade was from £80-£84 for fat lambs eg Rathfriland farmer: 30k at £84. Banbridge farmer: 26k at £83. Loughbrickland farmer: 34k at £82. Blackscull farmer: 25k at £82. Killyleagh farmer: 25k at £80. Shin farmer: 24.2k at £80. Katesbridge farmer: 25k at £80. Cabra farmer: 27k at £80. Kilkeel farmer: 24k at £80.

Store lambs sold to £4.00 per kilo for 16k at £64.

Breeding ewes sold to £150 and fat ewes to £85.

A further four lots of fat ewes sold at £80 per head.