Suckler stock to £1410 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Friday’s sale saw a larger entry of suckler stock selling to £1,410 for a Hillsborough farmer who sold a further three lots at £1,380, £1,360 and £1,310.

Another five outfits sold from £1,100-£1,270.

Fat cows sold to £1,130 for a 778k Aberdeen Angus from Dromara. Holstein cows sold to £720 for a 682k lot from Katesbridge. A larger entry of 75 heifers sold to £1,080. A top pence per kilo of 235p was paid for a 408k Limousin at £960 from a Hillsborough farm.

The bullock section contained many good quality lots. A top of £1,220 was paid to a Ballyward farmer for 616k Charolais. A Ballyveamore farmer averaged 211p/k for 6 Charolais bullocks. A Downpatrick farmer reached 251p/k for 376k Charolais at £945.

Some excellent weanlings were on offer eg Co Armagh farmer: 320k Limousin at £790, 330k at £720, 308k at £700 etc. Dropped calves sold to £460 for a Ballyward farmer and Lim bulls to £350 from Saintfield.


Ballyward farmer: Charolais bull £460. Saintfield farmer: Limousin bull £350. Ballyroney farmer: Limousin bull £340. Annaclone farmer: 2 Simmentals, £330 each. Dromara farmer: Aberdeen Angus £320. Brague farmer: Belgian Blue £315. Lisburn farmer: Fleckvieh bull £290. Seaforde farmer: Hereford £285.


Co Armagh farmer: 320k at £790, 332k at £720, 324k at £700, 308k at £700. Ballykinlar farmer: 336k at £750, 264k at £640. Hillsborough farmer: 360k at £740, 334k at £725. Belfast farmer: 300k at £720. Ballyward farmer: 368k at £780, 360k at £780, 264k at £550. Cabra farmer: 312k at £645. Lisburn farmer: 280k at £580. Dromore farmer: 334k at £725, 346k at £720.


Leitrim farmer: pen of Hererford, 610k at £1,080, 592k at £1,070, 596k at £1,050 etc. Benraw farmer: 484k at £1,040, 542k at £1010, 454k at £965. Hillsborough farmer: 408k at £960. Belfast farmer: 300k at £590, 310k at £600. Tullyniskey farmer: 572k at £955. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 426k at £860, 430k at £850, 400k at £805, 398k at £820, 394k at £800, 382k at £790. Ballymartin farmer: 462k at £900, 398k at £800, 332k at £680.


Suckler outfits: £1,410, £1,380, £1,360, £1,310, £1,270, £1,260, £1,160, £1,100. Fat cows: 778k at £1,130, 806k at £1,115, 684k at £885, 674k at £750, 684k at £720, 600k at £660.


Ballyward farmer: 616k at £1,220, 740k at £1,190, 600k at £1,190. A second Ballyward farmer: 556k at £1,150, 556k at £1,130, 508k at £1,110, 532k at£1,090, 570k at £1,070, 482k at £925. Ballyveamore farmer: 6 Charolais to average 211p/k: 534k at £1,100, 436k at £940, 402k at £880. Ballymartin farmer: 528k at £1,020, 456k at £880. Drumarkin farmer: 318k at £690. Friesian bullocks sold to £1,000 for 630k lot from Loughorne.

The final breeding sheep sale of the season on Monday evening saw several pens of hoggets sell to £150 per head.

This was followed by £145, £142, £142, £142, £140, £138 and £135 etc. Ram lambs sold to a top of £230.

Tuesday evening’s sheep sale was a better trade than what was anticipated.

The top 10 lots of lambs sold from £80 to £82 eg. Castlewellan farmer: 27.5k at £81. Corbet farmer: 25.9k at £81. Ballymartin, Ballynahinch, Cabra and Katesbridge farmers all sold lambs at £80.

Fat ewes sold to £80 per head for a Ballyward farmer with store lambs to £4.00 per head for 17k at £68. The store lambs averaged 375 pence per kilo.