Sucklers sell to £1,700 and bullocks to £1,500 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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There was a full yard of cattle last Friday (May 19) at Rathfriland Co-Op with numbers double on the week.

It was a sale that will be remembered for a long time such was the trade.

A larger entry of suckler stock saw a Sim cow and Angus bull calf, two months old sell to £1,700 for a Ballymageough farmer.

A Lurgan farmer reached £1,600 for a Lim heifer and heifer calf and £1,400 for a similar lot.

Banbridge farmer: Lim heifer and Angus bull calf at £1,400. Kilkeel farmer: Ch cow and calf £1,200.

The 65 bullocks met a complete clearance. Leitrim and Kilkeel farmers reached £1,500 and £1,270. Ballymahatton farmer: £1,260 for 576k. Ballymartin farmer: £1,160, £1,135, £1,135, £1,140, £1,100 and £1,100 for 484k and upwards.

Store heifers sold to £1,100 for a 550k Lim from Banbridge.

102 weanlings sold to £1,010 twice for two Ch males from a Shinn farmer.

A top of 281p/k was paid for a 302k Lim at £850 with a second lot 250k at £700 or 280p/k.

In the calf section a pen of eight month old bulls and heifers sold at £650, £600, £600, £575 etc.

Dropped calves sold to £405 for a Ch bull calf from Rostrevor.

73 farmers sold stock from Co Armagh, Antrim and Down and went home very happy.

Friesian bullocks reached a top of £1,000 per head.


Young sturks from Dundrum sold at £650, £600, £600, £575, £555, £535 etc, all Ch and Lim bred.

Dropped calves cleared up to £405 for a Ch bull from Rostrevor. Newry farmer: Sim bulls £365 and £355. Lisburn farmer: Store heifers £345. Loughbrickland farmer: Her bull £330. Cabra farmer: Her heifer £310.

WEANLINGS: Shinn farmer: 460k at £1,010, 490k at £1,010 and 440k at £1,000. Dromara farmer: 416k at £910. Savalmore farmer: 416k at £900. Dromara farmer: 360k at £890, 364k at £890, 410k at £870, 302k at £850. Ballyward farmer: 370k at £810, 332k at £685, 274k at £675, 320k at £650. Banbridge farmer: 250k at £700, 302k at 850, 246k at £580, 315k at £775. Dromore farmer: 416k at £910 and 416k at £870.

HEIFERS: Katesbridge farmer: 552k at £1,100, 570k at £1,025. Hillsborough farmer: 412k at £910 and 410k at £915. Millvale farmer: 606k at £1,085, 566k at £1,060, 590k at £1,000. Newcastle farmer: 346k at £780 and 384k at £780. Dechoment farmer: 446k at £960, 450k at £890, 460k at £885, 478k at £880.

SUCKLERS: Cows with calves at foot, £1,700, £1,600, £1,400, £1,400, £1200, £1,150 etc with springers selling to £1,000.

BULLOCKS: Leitrim farmer: 840k at £1,500, 748k at £1,270, Ballynahatton farmer: 576k at £1,260. Ballymartin farmer: 500k at £1,160, 542k at £1,135, 484k at £1,100, 494k at £1,100 and 626k at £1,140. Ballinran farmer: 420k at £1,110, 386k at £970, 424k at £1,050, 404k at £875 and 318k at £780. Mayobridge farmer: 468k at £1,035, 424k at £940, 414k at £850, 370k at £800. Ballyholland farmer: 458k at £1,065, 450k at £950, 366k at £915 and 390k at £850. Annalong farmer: 456k at £960, 432k at £910, 388k at £830 and 394k at £825.

A flying trade for lambs on Tuesday evening with the entire entry purchased by Republic of Ireland buyers. 20k lambs from Gransha sold at £104 or £5.20p/k. A Lacken farmer sold 21k at £107.50 or £5.12p/k.

One lambs sold by Mr F Sloane, which was donated to the Newry Hospice, reached £160.

Lambs from 19k-21k were a sensational price. Ballyroney farmer: 19.5k at £98. Hilltown farmer: 20.5k at £99. Banbridge farmer: 19.5k at £98.

Heavy lambs sold to £108 for 24k from Rathfriland. 23.5k from Rostrevor sold at £107.50. 22k from Mayobridge sold at £105. 22.3k from Ballymageough sold at £105.

FAT EWES: Killyleagh farmer: £90. Emdale farmer: £89. Dromara farmer: £85. Kilcoo farmer: £80. Corbally farmer: £80. Ballynahinch farmer: £80.