Swift trade for cattle at Pomeroy Mart

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At Pomeroy Mart an Armagh seller reached 290ppk on Thursday.

A large entry of stock on offer sold to a swift trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Sean Haughey £1,070/480kg, Gerard Potter £1,000/430kg, Dominic Hamil £980/440kg, Eric Robinson £900/310kg, £885/300kg, £880/290kg, £870/270kg, £880/290kg, £840/280kg, £840/280kg, £790/290kg, £750/300kg, £710/220kg, £700/250kg, £725/260kg, £715/280kg, £700/240kg, £670/240kg, £620/200kg, £610/250kg, Kevin Brady £970/520kg, Dermot Nugent £935/480kg, £885/440kg, £840/440kg, Sean Haughey £890/400kg, Brendan Kelly £880/420kg, Kevin Brady £800/420kg, Sean Donnelly £775/410kg, Dominic Hamill £760/300kg, James Conroy £755/340kg, £735/360kg, Liam Nugent £750/300kg, Dominic Hamill £730/270kg, £705/300kg, £700/350kg, Conor Potter £720/360kg.

HEIFERS: Dermot Nugent £915/480kg, £825/440kg, £800/480kg, Kevin Brady £750/370kg, F Sloan £745/400kg, Paidin Loughrn £720/310kg, £705/400kg, £690/370kg, James Conroy £710/410kg, £670/320kg,£585/310kg, S Bradley £665/430kg, £660/430kg, £655/410kg, £575/390kg, P Loughran £550/360kg, £540/330kg.