Swift trade for weanlings at Lisahally Mart

A very strong trade for weanlings last Saturday (October 5) at Lisahally Mart which saw a swift trade.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 2:09 pm
Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Prices as follows:


S Lynch £880/390kg, D Lynch £870/420kg, Craig Blair £860/430kg, S and D Whiteside £850/360kg, £810/330kg, Samuel Thompson £850/380kg, John McWilliams £840/360kg, D Lynch £820/350kg, Kevin O'Kane £805/380kg, Thomas Irons £805/360kg, £790/350kg, B O'Kane £785/340kg, John McWilliams £800/320kg, S Lynch £780/370kg, John Keys £780/420kg, B O'Kane £780/350kg, Samuel Thompson £775/350kg, B O'Kane £770/330kg, S and D Whiteside £770/370kg, Thomas Irons £770/330kg, Samuel Thompson £770/360kg, £750/330kg, Craig Blair £760/330kg, Thomas Irons £750/340kg, £745/320kg, £745/320kg, £740/310kg, Alexander McLaughlin £740/420kg, Violet McClelland £740/300kg, Alan Thompson £740/270kg, Thomas Patton £740/370kg, Thomas Iron £735/340kg, Kevin O'Kane £730/320kg and John Griffith £730/320kg.


John McWilliams £870/330kg, Violet McClelland £760/350kg, Craig Blair £750/430kg, Robert Guy £740/340kg, Violet McClelland £720/360kg, John McWilliams £700/320kg, £700/300kg, Thomas Irons £700/310kg, John McWilliams £700/260kg, £675/320kg, Craig Blair £700/360kg, Kevin O'Kane £680/330kg, Thomas Irons £670/290kg, M and C Duffy £660/290kg, Alan Thompson £650/250kg, M Towney £645/370kg, B O'Kane £625/260kg, M and C Duffy £620/260kg, Thomas Irons £605/290kg, £600/290kg, £600/310kg, B O'Kane £600/270kg, £600/280kg, £600/270kg and Alan Thompson £600/210kg.

A strong show of sheep on Tuesday.

Prices as follows


K Boyle £80/26kg, £78/25kg, Norman Thompson £73.50/27kg, Robert Rosborough £72.20/25kg, Brian Johnston £72/25kg, Norman Thompson £71.80/28kg, Cochrane Boyle £71.50/24kg, Thomas Rosborough £7.50/24kg, Kevin McKinney £71/25kg, Joseph Whiteside £71/25kg, John Ramsey £71/25kg, Stephen Johnston £70.80/24kg, Norman McFarland £70.50/24kg, Robert Blackburn £70/24kg and John Ramsey £70/23kg.


Stephen Johnston £73, Ronald Wilson £70 and Martin Canning £70.


Ronald Wilson £67, John McGarrigle £67, Martin Canning £67, Peter O'Neill £66, £65.50, Danny O'Kane £65, Richard Blair £64.50, Martin Canning £63, Benny Mynch £62.50, W Brown £61, Danny O'Kane £60.50 and William Orr £60.50, £60.