Top price of £1,325 for steers at Armoy Mart

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A smaller show of cattle met with a much firmer trade last Monday at Armoy Mart.

A 280kgs Char steer sold at £845 (£3.01 per kg).

Top price per head was £1,325 paid for a 700kg steer. Heifers sold to a top of £1,155 paid for a 550kg B/B, fat cows were a great trade topping at £940.

STEERS: Pat McErlain, Armoy, Lim, 600kgs, £1,275. D O’Connell, Ballymoney Char, 280kgs, £845, 300kgs, £740. Hugh Osborne, Dervock, Saler, 650kgs, £1,220, 570kgs, £1,070. Pat McErlain, Armoy, Lim, 480kgs, £1,000. Gab Emerson, Cushendall, Lim, 250kgs, £645. Robt Crawford, Glarryford, A/A, 700kgs £1,315. Paddy McQuillan, Martinstown, Sim, 280kgs, £735. Wm Weir, Carrickfergus, ST, 500kgs, £1,020. Jas Christie, Armoy, Lim, 410kgs, £800, 400kgs, £755, 400kgs, £750. Adam Campbell, Finvoy, Friesians, 630kgs, £1,030, 600kgs, £960. Robt Getty, Bushmills, Sim, 480kgs, £880, 560kgs, £990. Colin Hamilton, Carnlough, ST, 430kgs, £865.

HEIFERS: Aghadowey Producer, B/B, 500kgs, £1,070, 550kgs, £1,155. D O’Connell, Ballymoney, Lim, 350kgs, £870. Patsy McAleese, Loughguile, Char, 280kgs, £650. Wm Weir, Carrickfergus, Lim, 470kgs, £990, 500kgs, £970, 520kgs, £980, 520kgs, £990. Robt Crawford, Glarryford, Lim, 510kgs, £1,085. Chas Battersby, Bushmills, B/B, 610kgs, £1,080. Colin Hamilton, Carnlough, Char, 480kgs, £890, 450kgs, £800. H and M McPherson, Coleraine, S/H, 450kgs, £830. Samuel Gregg, Glarryford, Lim, 430kgs, £790. D O’Connell, Ballymoney, Char, 340kgs, £670. Geo McAuley, Armoy, Lim, 270kgs, £585, 250kgs, £585, 230kgs, £580, 270kgs, £605, 220kgs, £480. Liam Kinney, Glenariffe, Lim, 240kgs, £485, 270kgs, £565.

FAT COWS: Patsy McAleese, Loughguile, Lim, 530kgs, £900. J G McNeill, Cushendun, Lim, 550kgs, £880. Chas Laverty, Armoy, Par, 700kgs, £940. H and M McPherson, Coleraine, Daq, 680kgs, £930, 610kgs, £855.

Friesian/Holstein cows sold from 70p-95p per kilo.

SUCKLERS: P J McGuckian, Cloughmills, cows with calves at foot, £1,040, £950.

Dropped calves sold to £265 paid for a speckle Park bull calf.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.