Top price of £1,495 for steers at Armoy Mart

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Cattle trade was in overdrive at last Monday’s sale at Armoy Mart with numbers reduced due to the Bank Holiday and favourable silage weather.

Steers topped at £1,495 for a tremendous 700kgs Char, heifers sold to £1,185 for a 590kgs A/A.

A tremendous fat cow from Sam McCollum, Bushmills, weighting 880kgs sold to £1,410.

Cows and calves sold to £1,400.

STEERS: P Dougan, Coleraine, Char, 700kgs, £1,495, Lim, 680kgs, £1,360, Lim, 600kgs, £1,250, 590kgs, £1,250. Chas Battersby, Bushmills, B/B, 540kgs, £1,105. Bryan Taggart, Bushmills, Lim, 470kgs, £965, 500kgs, £1,010, 600kgs, £1,150. David Steele, Glenarm, Char, 500kgs, £1,020, 490kgs, £1,020. W and J Gardiner, Clough, B/B, 540kgs, £1,075. Alex McMullan, Ballycastle, Hereford, 600kgs, £1,240. Owen McConnon, Randasltown, Daq, 250kgs, £650, 320kgs, £770, 240kgs, £705, 270kgs, £620, 370kgs, £810. Niall McLaughlin, Cushendall, Char, 500kgs, £1,040. D McAlister, Cushendall, Lim, 300kgs £840, 500kgs, £1,010. W J Bartley, Ballymoney, Char, 400kgs, £945. Wm Elliot, Ballycastle, Lim, 360kgs, £840, 340kgs, £790, 350kgs, £760. W and J Gardiner, Clough, ST, 500kgs, £985, 550kgs, £1,015, 500kgs, £970.David Nutt, Bushmills, Hereford, 470kgs, £980. Cahal McCarry, Loughguile, Sim, 350kgs, £745, 380kgs, £845. J Dunlop, Ballymena, Char, 620kgs, £1,200. C Battersby, Bushmills, Char, 270kgs, £670.

FRIESIANS: Ross Bloomfield, Kilrea, Friesians, 560kgs, £980, 560kgs, £925, 500kgs, £830. E McCorry, Newtownabbey, 440kgs, £715, 450kgs, £705. Wm Chestnutt, Bushmills, 600kgs, £935.

HEIFERS: S Johnston, Bushmills, Char, 300kgs, £715, 270kgs, £675. D Steele, Glenarm, Char, 450kgs, £970, 440kgs, £970, 400kgs, £800. Wm Chestnutt, Bushmills, A/A, 590kgs, £1,185. Sean McKay, Loughguile, Lim, 490kgs, £900, 500kgs, £930. Marcus Adams, Cloughmills, Saler, 380kgs, £805. J W Stewart, Clough, Sim, 340kgs, £735, 430kgs, £805, 460kgs, £860. W and J Gardiner, Craigywarren, B/B, 540kgs, £1,055, 500kgs, £1,015. David Nutt, Bushmills, Hereford, 500kgs, £970, 530kgs, £985. John Laverty, Armoy, Lim, 400kgs, £785, 400kgs, £785. Albert Crooks, Glenarm, Lim, 280kgs, £5570, 285kgs, £570, 270kgs, £530.

FAT COWS: Sam McCollum, Bushmills, A/A, 880kgs, £1,410. E Duncan, Ballyvoy, Lim, 620kgs, £875. Sydney Dobbin, Bushmills, Hols, 600kgs, £710. E McCorry, Newtownabbey, Lim, 600kgs, £895, 420kgs, £690. Raymond Taggart, Bushmills, Char, 570kgs, £875. R Robinson, Ballymoney, Hol, 600kgs, £725, 620kgs, £750.

Sale every Monday night at 7pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.