Top price of £122.50 paid for hoggets at Armoy Mart

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

One of the best trades for fat sheep in years was seen at Armoy last Wednesday night with 658 head on offer.

Top price of £122.50 was paid for hoggets and fat ewes sold to £101.00.


Geo Steele, Bushmills, 30kgs, £122.50. Mark Austin, Ballymoney, 30kgs, £122.50. John McKeague, Ballycastle, 28kgs, £121.00. P J Dougan, Coleraine, 26kgs, £120.00. Sandra Hunter, Bushmills, 27kgs, £119.00. Chas Knox, Ballymoney, 25kgs, £116.00. John Crawford, Glarryford, 28kgs, £114.00. Pat Dougan, Coleraine, 25kgs, £113.00. Sarah Steele, Bushmills, 24kgs, £113.00. Alan Dempster, Ballymoney, 26kgs, £112.00. M Steele, Glenarm, 24kgs Blackface, £108.00. T Wilson, Ballymoney, 23½kgs, £112.00. J Newell, Ballymoney, 24kgs, £108.00. C McClafferty, Ballycastle, 22kgs, £107.00. J and J Hanna, Ballymoney, 22kgs, £103.00. P McClafferty, Cloughmills, 22kgs Blackface, £103.00. Dundarave Estate, Bushmills, 22kgs, £103.00.


S Connolly, Armoy, 4 Texel, £83.50. Dundarave Estate, Bushmills, 27 Texel, £79.00. N McMullan, Armoy, 5 Texel, £77.50. Dundarave Estate, 15 Texel, £72.50. Dan McAlister, Cushendall, 5 Blackface £70.00.


J Anderson, Bushmills, Charollais, £101.00. D Anderson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £100.00. A Bartlett, Stranocum, Dorsets, £95.00. S Hunter, Bushmills, Cheviots, £89.00. Phil McCurdy, Bushmills, Suffolks, £85.00. David Marshall, Clough, cross breds, £85.00. William Morrison, Mosside, Suffolks, £84.00. S McCambridge, Ballyvoy, cross breds £76.50. Adrian Gillan, Martinstown, Texels, £77.00. Jas Newell, Ballymoney, Texel, £74.50. Alex McCann, Martinstown, cross breds £74.50. Pat Martin, Dunloy, cross breds £74.00. John Crawford, Glarryford, cross breds £73.50.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.