Top price of £1355 for 650k forward heifer at Markethill Mart

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Cattle trade was exceptionally good at Markethill on Saturday 11th February for all classes.

Buyers from throughout Northern Ireland exporters were in attendance.

The 160 heifers sold in an excellent trade for all lots.

Forward heifers sold to £225 per 100k for 534k at £1200 from a Loughgall farmer.

Top price £1355 for 650k (208). All good quality forward heifers from £200 per 100k to £223 per 100k.

Middleweight heifers from £200 per 100k to £226 per 100k for 482k at £1090.

Second quality heifers sold from £180 per 100k to £190 per 100k.

The 210 bullocks included a large entry of heavy steers which sold in an exceptionally strong trade to a top of £233 per 100k for 590k at £1375 from a Hilltown farmer.

Top price of £1400 for 670k from a Hilltown farmer, several more sold for £1250 and £1370 each.

Main demand from £205 per 100k to £221 per 100k.

Middleweight steers from £200 per 100k to £227 per 100k for 424k at £960.

Forward Friesians from £145 per 100k to £154 per 100k for 548k at £845.

Middleweight Friesians from £145 per 100k to £182 per 100k for 412k at £750.

The 140 weanlings included several pens of top quality Char and Lim calves from several leading producers.

Males sold to 3230 per 100k to £282 per 100k for 346k at £975.

Heifers sold from £240 per 100k to £315 per 100k for 238k at £750.

Forward heifers: Loughgall producer 534k, £1200, 225p/k; Cullyhanna producer 564k, £1255, 223p/k; Loughgall producer 534k, £1160, 217p/k; Kilkeel producer 590k, £1270, 215p/k; Dromore producer 506k, £1085, 214p/k; Loughgall producer 504k, £1080, 214p/k; Loughgall producer 558k, £1195, 214p/k.

Middleweight heifers: Cullyhanna producer 482k, £1090, 226p/k; Tandragee producer 446k, £980, 220p/k; Kilkeel producer 500k, £1095, 219p/k; Poyntzpass producer 496k, £1060, 214p/k; Dromara producer 430k, £910, 212p/k; Newtownhamilton producer 426k, £900, 211p/k; 410k, £865, 211p/k.

Forward bullocks: Hilltown producer 590k, £1375, 233p/k; Armagh producer 520k, £1150, 221p/k; Benburb producer 538k, £1170, 217p/k; 512k, £1110 217p/k; Dungannon producer 596k £1290 216p/k; Armagh producer 506k £1090 215p/k; Portadown producer 502k £1090 215p/k; Loughgilly producer 604k £1295 214p/k; Armagh producer 564k £1200 213p/k.

Middleweight bullocks: Benburb producer 424k, £960, 227p/k; 462k, £1030, 223p/k; 474k £1050 222p/k: 476k, £1050, 221p/k; Banbridge farmer 422k, £930, 220p/k; Tandragee producer 404k, £880, 218p/k; Benburb producer 482k, £1040, 216p/k. Forward Friesian bullocks: Derrynoose producer 548k, £845, 154p/k; Stewartstown producer 532k, £810, 152p/k; Portadown producer 502k, £760, 151p/k; 514k, £760, 148p/k; Derrynoose producer 518k, £760, 147p/k; Markethill producer 532k, £780, 147p/k; Derrynoose producer 526k, £770, 146p/k; Collone producer 594k, £860, 145p/k.

Middleweight Friesian bullocks: Armagh producer 412k, £750, 182p/k; 412k, £745, 181p/k; 410k, £690, 168p/k; Forkhill producer 492k, £780, 159p/k; Armagh producer 402k, £630, 157p/k; Keady producer 450k, £690, 153p/k; Armagh producer 416k, £630, 151p/k.

Male weanlings: Armagh producer 346k, £975, 282p/k; Poyntzpass producer 302k, £845, 280p/k; Richhill producer 338k, £905, 268p/k; Annaclone producer 264k, £730, 277p/k; Lurgan producer 242k, £650, 269p/k; Lisnaskea producer 280k, £750, 268p/k; Armagh producer 244k, £645, 264p/k; Poyntzpass producer 324k, £830, 256p/k; Fivemiletown producer 328k, £840, 256p/k; 350k, £875, 250p/k.

Female weanlings: Richhill producer 238k, £750, 315p/k; 234k, £660, 282p/k; Lurgan producer 180k, £495, 275p/k; 202k, £550, 272p/k; Richhill producer 296k, £780, 264p/k; Keady producer 226k, £580, 257p/k; Richhill producer 294k, £740, 252p/k; 314k, £780, 248p/k.