Top price of £840 for bullocks at Downpatrick Mart

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At the winter weanling calf sale on Friday night (December 8th) at Downpatrick Mart weanling bullocks and heifers sold to £2.63ppk and £2.80ppk respectively.

On the night a Ballykinlar farmer received a top price of £840 for a Charolais bullock.

Leading categories as follows:


Ballykinlar farmer 312kg Charolais £820 (2.63ppk) and 350kg Charolais £840 (2.40ppk), Ballyward farmer 230kg Aberdeen Angus £605 (2.48ppk) and 258kg Limousin £640 (2.48ppk) and 294kg Limousin £590 (2.00ppk), Crossgar farmer 288kg Limousin £650 (2.26ppk), Saintfield farmer 324kg Charolais £700 (21.6ppk), Ardglass farmer 218kg Limousin £460 (2.11ppk) and 240kg Limousin £625 (1.84ppk), Ardglass farmer 266kg Limousin £525 (1.97ppk) and 340kg Limousin £625 (1.84ppk), Castlewellan farmer 468kg Limousin £725 (1.55ppk).


Ballyward farmer 252kg Limousin £705 (2.80ppk), Crossgar farmer 258kg Hereford £580 (2.25ppk), Ballykinlar 312kg Charolais £700 (2.24ppk), Ardglass farmer 274kg Blonde D’Aquitaine £600 (2.19ppk), Crossgar farmer 306kg Limousin £670 (2.19ppk), Castlewellan farmer 272kg Limousin £590 (2.17ppk) and 282kg Limousin £505 (1.79ppk) and 396kg Limousin £815 (2.05ppk) and 260kg Limousin £450 (1.73ppk) and 282kg Limousin £480 (1.70ppk), Ardglass farmer 250kg Blonde D’Aquitaine £490 (1.96ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 368kg Charolais £740 (2.02ppk) and 386kg Charolais £740 (1.91ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 344kg Limousin £575 (1.67ppk).